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Best Tigris Prime Build 2022 Guide


Tigris Prime Build

The prepared Tigris has the most elevated base harm of any non-Archwing weapon in the game and persuades with high cut harm. The Tigris Prime Build has unbelievably high base harm, gigantic Slash harm, amazingly high-status possibility, and can be modded to hit 100% status chance with the correct mods. While it won’t get out hallways like an Arce Plasmor, it will wreck single focuses with staggeringly high harm shots.

At the point when Digital Extreme delivered the Tigris Prime Build in 2016, the shotgun immediately got perhaps the most utilized weapons in the game. It additionally has an interesting shooting style since you can essentially do a snappy shot and delivery two shots immediately or gradually keep your left mouse button squeezed for just one shot and delivery it again briefly one.

Unfortunately, the Tigris Prime Build additionally has a terrible harm falloff and on the off chance that you truly need to bargain a great deal of harm, you should be just about as close as conceivable to your objectives – 100% harm is managed in a 10m span.

On the off chance that you are further away, the harm falloff will radical. However, in the event that you construct her right, you can in any case bargain a gigantic measure of burst harm.

The Rubico Prime Build, an essential weapon, is twofold hurtle shotgun. It is the tigris prime warframe market variation of the Tigris, a shotgun of planned by the Tenno. The Tigris Prime Build has been siting at the highest point of the DPS diagrams for a remarkable while. The form was straightforward, straight forward and generally modest in the event that we consider the force level of this dazzling shotgun.

The Best Tigris Prime Builds

Tigris Prime Build

As a rule you need to assemble your Tigris Prime Build for 100% status possibility, since her crit chance is really low.

The shotgun is solid and doesn’t actually require a Riven mod, yet on the off chance that you discover one you should attempt to have in any event near 60% status possibility.

In the event that that Riven mod additionally has multishot or more harm you can undoubtedly supplant one of the status mods with it.

100% Status Chance Tigris Prime Build

On the off chance that you pick the Tigris Prime Build, you presumably need to blast down undeniable level foes. On the off chance that you need a decent weapon for Sorties, The Index, ESO or even Axi relic missions, picking the shotgun is consistently a decent decision.

Viral and radiation harm are both quite solid against Corpus and Grineer. That you presumably will not do as much harm as you’d like in the following Infested mission. Picking the four 60% status chance mods will get you to 100% status possibility. You do have to arrive at that objective.

On the off chance that you are at 99,99% you will not get what you need. So except if you have 100% status chance your slugs will not each have. The 99% (or less) opportunity to prog a status, however just a piece of that.

Punch Trough Tigris Prime Build

The best form for blasting down undeniable level adversaries, there is consistently. The likelihood that you need to attempt the Tigris Prime Build. Low level missions against crowds of various hordes. Going for a form with a ton of punch through will assist you with slaughtering those crowds quicker. Which is the reason you do require Seeking Force and Seeking Fury.

The last likewise diminishes in mix with Tactical Pump your reload speed by the greater part a second. Permitting you to kill adversaries significantly quicker. Shredder and Sweeping Serration are there to expand your generally beautiful high base slice harm. Yet not having 100% status chance is a noticeable drawback.

So except if you simply need to evaluate an alternate form for reasons of fun and chuckles. It is in every case better to utilize. The status chance form and simply pick another weapon for low level adversaries.


The Tigris Prime Build is the Prime variation of the Tigris. Holding the vast majority of its details with a couple of changed also.

  • Exactness: Has a precision of 9.1 ready to precisely hit foes at low to medium reaches.
  • Basic Chance: Has a 10% opportunity to bargain basic hits per shot.
  • Basic Multiplier: Shots bargain 2x more harm on basic hits.
  • Shoot Rate: Fires around 2 shots each second.
  • Magazine: Capacity of 2 shots for every magazine.
  • Commotion: Shots are disturbing and will alarm foes when discharged.
  • Reload: Takes 1.8 seconds to reload another magazine.
  • Status: Has a 30% opportunity to proc status impacts per shot. (28% for Tigris)
  • Trigger: DUPLEX – pulling trigger shoot the originally shot while delivering discharge the second
  • Harm Types: Deals 156 Impact, 156 Puncture and 1,248 Slash Damage (105 Impact, 105 Puncture and 840 Slash Damage for Tigris)

The Tigris Prime Build requires a Mastery Rank of 13 preceding it could be utilized. By players and fabricated utilizing its outlines and Prime parts.


Tigris Prime Build

The Tigris Prime Build might be created with its plan and parts which might. Be gotten by opening relics or by exchanging with different players.

These contain the outline and parts needed to make the Tigris Prime:

  • Outline: Lith T1, Neo T1, Axi T1
  • Barrel: Lith K1, Lith V3, Lith V4, Neo B4, Neo H1
  • Recipient: Meso K1, Meso N5, Meso S6, Meso T2, Neo S6, Neo V3, Axi V5
  • Stock: Lith B2, Meso S1, Neo B2, Neo V4

Sample Builds

Given its enormous base harm and its exceptional discharging repairman. The Tigris Prime is equipped for managing a lot of harm with a couple of shots.

It might should be often reloaded as it just has 2 shots in its barrel. It can murder most foes be it a solitary foe or a gathering of them with one hit.

The following are a couple of test fabricates:

Critical Damage Build

Our Tigris Prime Build mods comprise of Primed Point Blank. Point Blank for generally harm and 2 natural harm mods for a basic mix.

Adding Primed Ravage and Blunderbuss increment its basic details for higher harm. This form likewise incorporates multishot by adding Hell’s Chamber and Vigilante Armaments.

Status Build

Keeping lion’s share of the past form we supplant a few mods with the 4 basic harm. Status mods to build the status possibility of the Tigris Prime. This permits causes numerous status impacts and furthermore does a lot of harm.

Status impacts can happen and since there is a fair measure of punch through. Different foes might be hit and each can proc a status impact.

Hyrid Build

Tigris Prime Build

Consolidating the two past forms we go for a basic harm and status impact construct. An extraordinary opportunity to bargain both. Basic hits may happen managing incredible measures of Tigris Prime Build.

The high status possibility, distinctive status impacts may happen prompting considerably more harm. This form centers around managing however much harm.

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