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Hogwarts Legacy: All Broom Vendor Locations


Playing Hogwarts Legacy is like attending the renowned school of magic for real, complete with classes, adventures, and broom rides. You can buy brooms from vendors worldwide once you’ve completed your first broom flying class. The game gives you a few alternatives for movement since it doesn’t want you to spend an hour just moving from one place to another, even if sprinting is an option. Find out where to find broom sellers in Hogwarts: The Legacy with the help of this article!

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All Broom Vendor Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

There are 13 brooms in the game, and nine of them are for sale. The other four brooms can be won in minigames, and they’re all useful for one thing: flying into the many enormous balloons dotted about the environment and popping them. There are a total of nine brooms for sale from vendors; these can be purchased for a total of 18,500 Galleons from five separate sellers.

Spintwitches Sporting Needs

Spintwitches Sporting Needs, a broom shop in Hogsmeade, is the game’s first merchant. They stock all five brooms. The Ember Dash, Hogwarts House, Moon Trimmer, Wind Wisp, and Yew Weaver brooms are all available here. These brooms cost 600 coins apiece.

Hogwarts Legacy: All Broom Vendor Locations

Aeromancer Broom

The southwest corner of the planet is where you’ll find Rohan Prakash, who sells the Aeromancer Broom at the crossroads of the Poidsear Coast and Marunweem Lake. You can find Prakash just to the south of the Marunweem Bridge Floo Flame. The Aeromancer Broom may be purchased for 3,00 coins.

Hogwarts Legacy: All Broom Vendor Locations

Family Antique Broom

Located on the cliffside to the south of the Feldcroft Region in the game’s southeastern open world, Priya Treadwell sells the Family Antique Broom. Treadwell gets 2,500 gold for the old broom in the family.

Hogwarts Legacy: All Broom Vendor Locations

Silver Arrow Broom

Arn, who sells Silver Arrow Brooms, may be located in Hogwarts Valley, down by the water. He has pitched up camp not far from the Floo Flame in the heart of Hogwarts Valley, to the southwest. Note that Arn won’t show up until you’ve finished the optional quest Carted Away and returned his stolen things to him. For 5,000 coinage, one may get the Silver Arrow Broom.

Hogwarts Legacy: All Broom Vendor Locations

Sky Scythe Broom

Located in Hogsmeade Valley, Leopold Babcocke sells the ultimate broom available from vendors: the Sky Scythe Broom. He can be found a little distance south of the East Hogsmeade Valley Floo Flame and to the northeast of Hogsmeade. The Sky Scythe costs 5,000 gold coins.

Hogwarts Legacy: All Broom Vendor Locations

How To Get Brooms

The game gives you one of the most recognizable vehicles in the Wizarding World—a broom—to fly about on. As with any good role-playing game, you get to choose from a variety of alternatives when it comes to your initial means of transportation in Hogwarts Legacy: a broom. You’ll start out with a limited selection of brooms to choose from, but as you complete more challenges, additional options will become available.

There are a total of 13 brooms to find in the game, and there are only two ways to do so:

  • You’ll find merchants selling these 9 brooms portrayed by different characters across the game world. However, certain merchants won’t appear until you’ve progressed far enough in the tale or accomplished particular objectives.
  • Defeat the Balloon Cluster challenges located all across the world to gain access to these four brooms. You can easily pop these balloons by flying through them. These brooms are yours if you finish all 32 Balloon Clusters.

The Balloon Cluster challenges are shown on your map, but it can be difficult to track down the vendors selling the unique brooms you’ll need to complete them. This guide will help you achieve just that.


Where is the broomstick shop in Hogwarts Legacy?

Once players have secured Flying Class, they can make the trip to Hogsmeade and visit Spintwitch’s Sporting Needs. If the conditions are met, the player will be able to buy a broom for 600 gold.

How many broom are there in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy has 13 different brooms, all of which go at the same rate. Brooms are all equally slow; the only real distinction is in their aesthetics. Aside than that, brooms in Hogwarts Legacy are all the same.

Where to buy most expensive broom Hogwarts Legacy?

Located north of Hogwarts, the Wandering Merchant Leopolde Babcocke sells the second-most costly broom in the game for a cool 5,000 galleons.

Is there a fastest broom in Hogwarts Legacy?

To retain the Hogwarts Legacy canon with its literary roots, this model is notable for being the quickest of its period and is even the direct ancestor of the more recent Cleansweep series.