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Top 5 Coolest & Most Unique Cannabis Gadgets on the Market


Cannabis gadgets are different types of cannabis devices and accessories, some incorporating technology. Popular cannabis gadgets include vaporizers, dab rigs, e-rigs, and others. Consumers in the cannabis market love to invest in new and unique cannabis accessories and gadgets to enhance their consumption experience and make it more interesting.

The cannabis market is also fast-growing and is making billions annually. There is rapid growth in the cannabis industry, and new products are constantly coming out. So, to learn about the coolest and most unique cannabis gadgets on the market at the moment, keep reading.

Air II Vaporizer

The Air II vaporizer is a compact vaporizer with a unique hybrid heating system. It combines a ceramic dish with a pure borosilicate air path, which isolates the vapor and ensures that your dry herbs are heated cleanly, making the smoke as pure as possible.

This device is also easy to clean, with removable glass that you can soak in distilled water and scrub with isopropyl alcohol. If you prefer a more straightforward cleaning method, you can also pop the device components into the dishwasher.

To use this device, the battery must be fully charged, and you can choose your preferred heating temperature. You can learn more about it and buy it on the DankStop website. This device is priced at $154.99, which is a bit on the pricey side. However, you are guaranteed a pleasant experience when consuming.

Genius Pipe

A genius pipe is described as a waterless smoke filtering hand pipe. This device swirls, cools, and filters cannabis smoke using hundreds of small percs. This device is made with no-cough technology, which is a result of the fluid dynamics used when the nuclear reactors in the device are cooled.

This device also uses what is known as “simple technology,” which creates millions of micro vortices that cool the smoke as the consumer draws it out of the pipe. This is all done without water, and the device has a three-piece design that is sleek and portable. It is priced at $89.95 and is very popular in the cannabis community.

Cannabis Leaf Waffle Maker

A cannabis leaf waffle maker is a waffle machine that will make waffles in the shape of a cannabis leaf. Besides waffles, you can also make sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, and pizza in the cannabis leaf waffle maker, which adds excitement to the kitchen.

This waffle maker is electric and has an 8-inch cooking surface. It’s also a simple and easy-to-clean device with two non-stick surfaces. All you need to do is plug it into an electric wall socket, make whatever you crave, and enjoy! This is an excellent device for cannabis enthusiasts, and it makes a fun gift as well, priced at just $42.99.

EZ Pipe

An EZ pipe is a gadget that incorporates a lighter sleeve and a pipe. The pipe has a magnetic trench attached, and you can easily remove the dry herb bowl by pulling it off the lighter holder, which is great for a quick and easy clean.

Basically, using this product is not as complicated as it may seem: you just need to ensure the bowl is attached to the lighter sleeve and then open the trench top so that you can stack some crushed dry cannabis herbs. You then need to pull out the mouthpiece built into the device, insert the lighter into the sleeve, ignite the flame, and begin the inhaling and exhaling process.

This device is available in many colors and can be bought for as little as $9.99.

GPen Dash

A GPen Dash is a type of dry herb vaporizer that offers supreme functionality in a discreet device that is lightweight and affordable. The GPen Dash contains a heating chamber made from stainless steel, and it provides three heating temperature settings to choose from, with the lowest offering more intense flavor while the highest offers more body effects.

This device is pocket-sized and portable, which is great for on-the-go use. It is priced at $52.50.