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Top 5 Best Data Modeling Tools You Must Know


Are you familiar with data modeling?

In the world of global connection and data, it seems only logical to use data to enhance your business or your life. However, to get to data you need to have the right tool.

This is why data modeling tools are so popular. They are effective and can help deal with a huge number of data in an easy, fast, and stress-free way.

Here are the top five data modeling tools you must know about now. Read on.

Cogniva Data Modeler Tool

When it comes to data modeling tools you should always check for the tools with AI technology that adapts to your unique challenges and needs. That being said, you should focus on finding the data modeler tool that comes with multi-platform integration, requiring minimal user intervention, and enables you to achieve consistency, accuracy, and efficiency.

Aim to use tools that can automatically organize information, keep employees effective, and offer a versatile side.

SQL Database Modeler

SQL Database Modeler is one of the commonly seen data tools on the market.

This tool is user-friendly and makes it super fast and easy to change and create tables.

Plus, it allows users to collaborate on projects.

SQL Database Modeler comes with a versioning feature. It means that once you save the project, it creates a new version.

SQL Database Modeler allows projects to be converted from MS SQL Server to MySQL, and allows forward and reverses engineering.


Do you need frequent presentations and data in pictures (or to say)? Do you need to present a large amount of data in a way that is easy to understand and track?

If so, you should have a data tool such as ConceptDraw to create infographics, diagrams and overall provide the right data visualization.

People are mostly visual learners and they can benefit tremendously from visual data. This drawing tool can empower the communication process and boost the presentation style, as well.

Erwin Data Modeler

Do you need conceptual data models? If so, you should think about getting the Erwin Data Modeler.

This tool can help you create a concrete database from the physical model.

Erwin enables access from anywhere and it allows you to model any data from anywhere. It is easy to use and automatically compares the model and database.


Architects and modelers are in love with this data modeler tool. This is a cost-effective tool that is designed to support the description and analysis of architecture.

Archi provides dynamic viewpoints and enables you to brainstorm your ideas.

On top of that, Archi enables you not only to create but also to edit your canvas, which makes all changes in real-time possible and effective.

The Bottom Line

The best way to find the best possible data modeler is to know what your needs are.

Know what kind of tool do you need, and what is your end goal. This way you will find a tool that is efficient, effective, and easy to master.


You don’t need hundreds of different tools, you just need one, the one that gets the job done.