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How to Track Your Stats in Call Of Duty Mobile


Because Call of Duty Mobile is such a competitive game, it is only natural that gamers want to improve their skills as they continue to play the game. To accomplish this, they must first be aware of their current position, and the only way for them to obtain this knowledge is to routinely examine their statistics. In Call of Duty Mobile, players are able to check their stats at regular intervals to measure their progress, determine the areas in which they need to improve, as well as analyse the areas in which they excel. In this article, we will discuss the different ways in which you can check your stats while playing COD Mobile.

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How to Track Your Stats in Call Of Duty Mobile

To check your in-game statistics, all you need to do is complete the three easy procedures outlined in the following paragraphs:

Step 1: Open COD Mobile on your device.

Step 2: In the primary menu, locate your profile avatar in the upper-left corner, and then click on it.

How to Track Your Stats in Call Of Duty Mobile

Step 3: To get comprehensive statistics, navigate to the player profile by clicking the second tab.

How to Track Your Stats in Call Of Duty Mobile

The appropriate statistics will then be displayed, and they will be categorized in accordance with the different game modes, such as the multiplayer mode, the zombie mode (which is no longer available), and the battle royale mode. You will be able to view information such as K/D, the number of MVPs received, and other such metrics.

How to Track Your Stats in Call Of Duty Mobile

You may also examine the stats of other players by going to their profiles and looking at the information there. On the other hand, this is only feasible in the event that they have not deactivated their profiles.


What is good K D in COD Mobile?

In the vast majority of situations, this metric is taken into consideration to be the average for COD Mobile. Your K/D ratio is greater than one if your kills exceed your deaths; this indicates that you perform better than the average player. In a similar vein, if you are losing more lives than you are gaining, your kill-to-death ratio will be lower than 1, which is a score that is deemed to be below average.

Is 0.73 A good KD?

Everything that has a KD greater than one is considered above average, while everything that has a KD less than one is considered below average. A KD of 4.0 is an example of a good value.

What is your KD If you have 0 deaths?

But to return to what I said at the beginning of this paragraph, a kill death ratio that includes 0 deaths will always equal infinity. [i]To put it more simply, as long as you have at least one kill, your Kill/death ratio will approach infinity as 0 deaths approach. This holds true even if your death count is approaching 0.

Is a 5 KD good?

If your score is more than three, you are substantially above the norm and probably in the top one percent of the population. There are some extremely talented players who will have K/Ds ranging from 3 to 5, which places them at the very pinnacle of the game. Don’t let the fact that your kill-to-death ratio is lower than theirs discourage you; these are usually skilled content makers or professional players.