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Tricks To Get More Real YouTube Views – 2022 Guide


The words that are echoing most online in 2022 are YouTube. YouTube Views, Subscribers, YouTube earnings and so on. That is true, and because of an excellent and vivid reason – YouTube’s payday is like Christmas all over again and every month. They pay well since they have most of the world’s viewing traffic. They have the potential to grow even more, so everyone strives to become a YouTuber and get their piece of the pie. 

Your YouTube journey starts with better views; the more views you have, the more you will be favored by the website. Finally, your content will be displayed higher in the search results, and you will earn more.

The primary problem here is how to get those initial and vital views on your YouTube? Please keep reading to learn about numerous tricks that even pros use to get more real YouTube views in 2022. 

How to Get Real views?

Bots are computer programs that work online and can generate artificial traffic for your channel. However, sometimes they can lead to more harm than gain. YouTube’s algorithms have thousands of brilliant minds behind them, so you cannot fool it by using a mediocre bot. They would know that you are trying to inject inorganic traffic into your channel in seconds.

Short and Easy Ways

Short and straightforward ways of getting real views require you to buy them using a marketing service online. You need to go to their official website, select a package, process payment, and wait for the magic to happen. 

Hire YouTube Marketers

Numerous services claim to be the best in business. However, after my deep research, I concluded that ‘it is not 100% true’. More than 90% of the said ‘YouTube marketers’ are only after your hard-earned money, and they offer only artificial traffic, which does not benefit you.

You may buy real views from only the most trusted and top-rated sources on the web.

Use YouTube Social Media Panels

These panels are automatically operated while a team of programmers take care of them from the back end. Furthermore, you get your dashboard, where you select the number of views, likes, comments, shares, etc., required for your channel. 

Many people often use such panels to resell the services to other clients by acting as middlemen. 

A primary problem with the YouTube panels is that very often; they provide only fake traffic. But, if you do your research, you may find organic growth-oriented panels, such as this YouTube Panel that I tried recently.

Free Methods and Tricks

Let me be very clear from the start if you are not willing to work hard and give your 100%, skip the following paragraphs. Otherwise, please continue reading!

Create Compelling Content

Your content is the blood of your channel. It must be compelling, engaging, and catchy to attract more and more traffic. Also, the quality of your content must increase along with the increase in traffic or subscribers. 

You may engage your audience with an interesting question or puzzle at the start of your video. Also, you should avoid long sentences and try to keep them focused on the screen. 

In Video SEO

SEO is the evergreen science of content. The keywords you are targeting must be used within the video since the latest updates to YouTube’s program enables it to ‘watch’ and ‘listen’ to the videos. And yes, AI is here!

Ask them to Share

Never forget to ask your viewers a favour. Most politicians in the world are already using this psychological trick with you. They ask you a small favour, and when you grant it, you feel happy about it – Indirectly, you feel cheerful about the politician. 

Likewise, it would be best to ask your viewers a favour of liking, sharing and commenting etc. 

Make Longer Videos

YouTube’s algorithm holds longer videos in higher regard and shows them higher in search results. So, if you can produce long but excellent videos – go for it!

Also, don’t try to increase your video’s time by adding ‘fluff’ content since it will only increase the ‘skip rate’ of your videos, which will reduce your video’s rank. 

Focus on the first 24 Hrs

Most people ignore their channel’s screen after uploading their video. Let me break this to you, ‘the first 24 Hrs of your video are critical.’ 

It would be best to put all your energy on your laptop screen after your video goes live. 

Please share it on your other social media channels and try to promote it through creative means. The results will surprise you!


If applied carefully and consistently, this 2022 YouTube guide can help your channel grow into a money-printing machine. 

Finally, I believe that if you are working hard and not getting anywhere, then buying a few views to give your channel a little push towards success is totally worth it.