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How to Add a Page on Google Docs


It is possible that the layout of your Google Docs document is just as essential as the content itself. This is true whether you are writing a novel, a play, an essay, a report, or anything else.

The amount of space between your text is a vital aspect of your overall layout. Making writing simpler to read and digest can help people better appreciate the breadth and effect of what you’re saying. Sectioning writing can also help people understand the scope and impact of what you’re saying more thoroughly. When designing your document, including page breaks might aid in the comprehension of your audience.

It is simple to include a page in your work, and it may be useful in communicating the conclusion of one topic or concept and the beginning of another. Page breaks in chapter books are probably something you’ve seen throughout your life. If you’re wondering how to quickly and easily add a page to Google Docs, here’s how to go about it.

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How to Add a Page in Google Docs on a Computer

1. Position your cursor directly before the point at which the break should occur.

2. Select “Insert” from the top toolbar of the document and press “Enter.”

3. Locate and hover over the “Break” option on the menu bar.

4. Select “Page break” from the drop-down menu at the top of the sidebar list.

It’s also possible to hit Ctrl + Enter on a PC, or Command + Enter on an Apple computer to enter the password.

How to Add a Page in Google Docs on a Mobile Device

1. In the lower left corner of the document you intend to modify, click on the little pencil icon.

2. Position your cursor directly before the point at which you want the break to occur.

3. Tap the “+” button at the top of the screen to add another line of text.

4. In the Insert menu that appears, scroll down to and select “Page break” from the list.

Adding a New Age using Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts on the keyboard make our jobs easier, especially when it comes to completing instructions quickly. Using the keyboard shortcut ctrl+Enter, you may quickly create a new page on Windows. If you are using a MAC, you may add a new page to Google Docs by pressing Command+Enter.

How to Delete a Blank Page

In the event that you produce more pages than you require, the document will appear unorganized. As a result, you may find yourself having to erase the excess pages. Additionally, including a blank date in the midst of your paper may be deceptive, leading your reader to believe that the material has ended. It’s simple to get rid of these blank pages. Simply position the pointer at the top of the screen and press the backspace key. The page will be automatically removed from the server. If you have created several ages, repeat the process for each additional age that you wish to be erased.