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Troy: A Total War Saga Can be Enlist on Amazons For Free of Cost


Troy: A Total War Saga will be free only for 24 hours after the Epic Games Store and a huge of people consider to avail this opportunity. The Amazons Hero Pack DLC sale will start next week and it can be free to avail, but only for two weeks.

The Amazons DLC also added new heroes in the game. The Warrior Queen Penthesilea, the High Queen of the Amazons Hippolyta, and her sister forcing their own distinct Amazon faction. Each faction has a female roster with a variety of unique troops as well as cavalry units.

Meanwhile, Penthesilea leads a two-handed axe in fighting that is devastating and infantry skirmishers. On the other hand, Hippolyta is backed by the heavy sword infantry and famed Amazon archers. Additionally, the package includes faction mechanics, new buildings, or the Epic Mission chain.

Troy: A Total War Saga Sale

The sale of the new hero pack will start on 24 September and it will be free of cost for Troy: A Total War Saga owners, until 8 October 2020.

It’s better to access the account of total war before picking up. One can link to Epic Games Store account without any hassle. The overall process is explaining in the Amazon FAQ description, so it is not complicated. All the details in this matter will be displayed on the Amazons DLC through the Epic Game Store.

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