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Why are gamers so good at placing bets?


Did you ever wonder why so many gamers have moved into online sports betting in recent years?

Gamers and professional gamblers have more in common than you might think. The array of betting markets has lent itself well to making the transition. Let’s go into some of the reasons why gamers are well-placed to make money from betting on traditional sports and esports.

Betting in dynamic environments

In-play betting is widely known as the ultimate environment for making money in the middle of a match. Online casinos offer more in-play markets than ever before. Platforms such as NordicBet live casino have reimagined and revolutionized the way players approach betting, for example.

The dynamic nature of gaming means that gamers already have all the necessary skills to adjust and adapt.

Everyone knows how chaotic a competitive match of League of Legends can be. Or how about the madness that ensues in a tightly contested game of Counter-Strike?

Proficient gamers can adapt based on the situation in front of them. When it comes to in-play betting, adaptation is the key to success.

Analysing the numbers

Successful sports bettors understand that winning wagers consistently requires a comprehensive understanding of the numbers. You need to know which teams are in good form and which players are on fire.

There’s also a lot of strategy in finding the best odds and weighing them up against the potential risk, while also maintaining a logic-based approach. Players in both arenas must find ways to reduce mental fatigue to keep calm and make informed decisions.

A full analysis of the numbers requires analytical skills and a drive to succeed. Gamers who aspire to improve regularly go back over their numbers and previous performances to determine the best strategy for success.

Professional esports players, for example, hire coaches to go over not only their games but the games of their opponents. Every team and individual player will go into a match with a complete understanding of their opponents, and a strategy to help counter them.

These skills are transferrable, so gamers and bettors have more in common than you might think.

Skills-based approach

Sports betting is often misunderstood as purely a game of chance. It’s not. While there is an element of chance involved, there’s also a lot of skill. Nobody will ever win money consistently through making bets on a hunch.

The same goes for gaming. While there are players who may win a match through a lucky shot, strategy will always win the day.

Betting on sports, playing online casino games, and gaming, all require a strategy. It could be choosing the optimal betting strategy on roulette or creating an accumulator bet based on current form.

Either way, developing your gambling skills will ultimately lead you to success.

Drive and determination

An experienced gambler will always win more consistently than a novice gambler. Likewise, the experienced gamer will defeat the novice gamer nine times out of 10.

It’s not just about how long you play something for, it’s about how committed you are to getting better.

Knowing the tricks of the trade alongside the fundamentals is the key to progress. But it all depends on the person and their will to improve. Gamers tend to be highly driven, motivated individuals who want to be better every time.

They’re willing to put in the time and effort to figuring out their mistakes and ensuring they don’t happen again. For example, professional esports team, Team Liquid, spend a minimum of 50 hours per week on structured practice, with most members playing for even longer. That’s more hours than a full-time job!

Anyone who wants to succeed at placing bets must work at it if they want to get better results. That means understanding the rules of the game, working out the strategies and weighing up the odds on every bet.

Making the transition from gaming to betting

Of course, there are considerable differences between betting and gaming. A gamer cannot simply log on to an online casino and expect to start raking in the profits.

Making the transition from gaming to gambling requires the right approach. Managing your bankroll, choosing the games that give you the greatest chance of success, and ensuring that you are consistently making the right decisions are part and parcel of turning gambling into a profitable venture.

Look for guides on all your favourite casino games. Browse reviews to betting on specific sports. Learn as much about the ins and outs of the games as humanly possible.


Gamers and gamblers have a lot in common. There are many transferrable skills you may not have known you had.

Use your knowledge and your skills to join the fun. Hunt down the best bonuses and extract maximum value from your next game.

What is your favourite game to play?