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How To View Twitch Chat Logs – Full Guide


Need to realize how to see View Twitch Chat Logs in 2020? In case you’re a decoration, mod, or simply an inquisitive watcher, you should check your chat logs to perceive what individuals are stating about a specific theme. Fortunately there are numerous simple approaches to check Twitch chat logs!

To see Twitch chat logs in 2020, you can watch through the whole vod, check twitch chat logs by username, through Nightbot or download them through an outsider Watch Twitch on Roku like Chatty.

Why You Should Check Twitch Chat Logs

Everybody can have their own purposes behind looking at Twitch chat logs.

  • Looking into disciplinary activities: If you are a decoration or going about as a mod for one, you may here and there need to check whether the discipline claimed upon a watcher is reasonable or not. Checking Twitch chat logs to confirm what the watcher said or did before discipline is an approach to check whether your arbitrators are as a rule reasonable, or if the watcher was off base.
  • Checking unseemly passages: As Twitch is a stage anybody can join and appreciate secretly, individuals can feel engaged to state anything they desire. Regardless of whether the decoration is unconscious of what the chat is stating, Twitch may in any case consider it to be an infringement of their Terms of Service (TOS). Left unchecked, this may wind up getting the decoration prohibited!
  • Seeing what the local area is into: Going through your Twitch chat log is a fantastic method to understand what your crowd likes, aversions, and needs a greater amount of. It’s additionally a decent method to check what causes your crowd to connect more with you through chat, showing you how to keep your chat alive all through the stream.

Social event criticism: When streaming, you will consistently get input – fortunate or unfortunate – from your chat. Experiencing your View Twitch Chat Logs and discovering what input you’re accepting. Possibly somebody referenced your mic quality, or dropping casings, or just promising you to shout out additional.

How to View Twitch Chat Logs

Method 1: Watch Your Vods Your Twitch Videos (or Vods) are chronicles of your stream. You can watch past streams from start to finish. They additionally incorporate the entire chat log for your stream as they showed up during your stream. It’s not the most effective approach to see your chat logs, yet it’s single direction! Rather than experiencing the entire video notwithstanding, you can generally scour through and go to the hour of the remarks you need to discover.

Strategy 2: Use Your Chatbot

Mechanized chatbots, (for example, Nightbot and Streamlabs) help moderate and channel Twitch chats. They additionally accompany additional highlights that can help upgrade your watchers’ involvement with your chat.

Nightbot carries with it a completely downloadable chat log. Whenever it’s enacted, Nightbot begins gathering chat logs that you can download and see individually. Try not to stress – Nightbot doesn’t gather any close to home data, exactly the thing individuals are discussing in chat.

Technique 3: User Search Command


In the event that you need to perceive what a particular client said in your stream. You can utilize Twitch’s client search order. All you require is to type the accompanying on the chatbox:

/client [username]

This should pull up the client’s profile, just as a log. All the chat messages they have sent during the stream.

Strategy 4: Use outsider programming

Chatty is a chat programming made for Twitch, which imitates the look and feel of IRC customers of old. It can run on Windows PCs or some other Java 8-empowered OS.

It underpins many Twitch highlights, for example, View Twitch Chat Logs, supporter identifications. Name tones, stream data, bot association, and then some. It permits you to join a few channels immediately through a tab work, set channel top picks. Moderate through the stage, and even get told when the channels you follow are live.

Above all, it permits you to log the stream chat into a record for downloading later. This will allow you to see the chat in evident content structure through Notepad. It’s a crude “recording” of the chat and should help you moderate and read through your chat a lot simpler.

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