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UAE Health Vision 2022 and Role of Healthcare IT


UAE is accelerating its growth and progress in almost aspect and sphere of life. The vision of the UAE in 2021 regarding a layman can be conveyed in the form of a simple story:

People in UAE will together lead the nation to prosperity. Each person will know the responsibility he has to share to make the nation one of the best in the world. Each child will enjoy the quality education. The lifestyle will be attractive, and people will enjoy the varied colors of a magnificent culture. In UAE, the government will ensure proper law and order and everyone will have equal opportunities. The dream of having happy people and healthy bodies will also be achieved.

The vision is superb and people in UAE long to see its manifestations. One of the critical areas where the government wishes to bring a revolutionary betterment is health care. The government believes that healthy mind and body decodes the health of the nation.

For this purpose, the visionaries have chalked out different plans. The summary of the plans is presented below:

  • The government will ensure world-class healthcare for the nation as a whole.
  • The government will work for hand in hand with all the private and public healthcare facilitators and centers.
  • The government emphasizes on preventive medicine. This is the most highlighted aspect of the health care policy as the ounce of prevention can reduce the risk of major

According to the research the three principal evils that victimize the health of the people in UAE are as follows:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

These diseases are the fear of the population and slay away the lives so easily leaving their loved ones to mourn them all over their life. The ministry, therefore, shifts its focus to the preventive medications and health care facilities so that the onset of these diseases can be curtailed and precious lives can be saved.

The policies that can work wonders in making preventive health care a success are related to IT healthcare. IT Healthcare offers the following software and programs of benefit to the people as well as medical practitioners:

  • EMR System/Software that helps the people maintain a real record of their health and know of any serious alterations in the working of the organs. It also facilitates the early diagnosis and treatment of the diseases as the information gathering process causes a considerable delay and it eliminates it.
  • EHR System/Software
  • eClaim has an objective of developing a unified communication pattern in the healthcare industry so that the prescription can benefit the patient by some best professionals having expertise in varied specific fields
  • ePrescription/ePrescribing can allow the patients and people to consult the necessary and emergency help from a world-class professional with ease and comfort and ensure timely action.
  • Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) can increase the data efficiency and record maintenance and give the professional’s confidence in the treatment of a disease.
  • Clinic Information Management System (CIMS) helps the clinicians to maintain their data records and keep the information safe and secure.
  • Medical Software
  • Healthcare Software

When it comes to quality healthcare IT providers, then Elinext is the name that can be trusted without any doubt. It offers all the solutions and custom software that enable the patients, people, and hospitals to take good care of their health.