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Warframe: Vectis Prime Build 2021 Guide


Vectis Prime Build

The Vectis Prime is an essential weaponhat can be equipped with high-caliber ammunition, capable of dishing out damage in single shots. It’s one of the most powerful weapons from any standpoint and should not be taken lightly because it has no issues dealing with even extraordinary measures.

The Vectis Prime is a single-fired marksman rifle that offers 5% increased basic possibility and 100% more magazine size in comparison to the standard weapon.

The Vectis Prime is a weapon with several exciting features including Zoom amplification and improved damage output when fully charged while not limiting use at close range since it doesn’t leave your scope if reloading as quickly as an active-reload gun would be able to do such as the Jolt Activity Rifle

A new update to the Vectis Prime has been announced! The newest version boasts an increase in base damage and fire rate, along with a doubling of magazine size. Though it can’t compete on single-shot Eidolon harm against Lanka or DPS compared to vectis prime build primed chamber, this is still one amazing sniper rifle that any Tenno would be glad they have as part of their munitions stockpile for when things get tough out there.

The Valkyr Prime Build Guide has a basic possibility and status possibilities of 30%, yet for these high effect weapons, it is consistently worth the structure’s potential to do damage.

How To Get Vectis Prime?

Warframe Vectis Prime Weapon

The Vectis Prime is a type of weapon that can be acquired through opening relics. The parts are found inside the relic and players must collect them in their foundry to create this weapon together with other pieces, which may also be obtained by redeeming it on Twitch’s monthly enrollment administration as well.

Vectis Prime Blueprint

  • Lith A1 Uncommon
  • Neo A1 Uncommon
  • Neo A4 Uncommon

Vectis Prime Barrel

  • Lith V7 Common
  • Neo N1 Common
  • Axi C1 Common
  • H1 Common
  • Axi T1 Common

Vectis Prime Receiver

  • Meso V1 Rare
  • Meso V6 Rare

Vectis Prime Stock

  • Lith V8 Uncommon
  • Neo B1 Uncommon
  • Axi V2 Rare
  • V3 Rare
  • Axi V4 Rare



The Vectis Prime is the Prime variation of the Vectis Prime Build, holding the greater part of its details with a couple of changed too.

The Vectis Prime has the accompanying base details:


  • Exactness: Has a precision of 13.3 ready to precisely hit foes at low to high ranges.
  • Basic Chance: Has a 30% opportunity to bargain basic hits per shot. (25% for Vectis)
  • Basic Multiplier: Shots bargain 2x more harm on basic hits.
  • Fire Rate: Fires around 2.67 rounds each second. (1.50 for Vectis)
  • Magazine: Capacity of 2 shots for every magazine. (1 for Vectis)
  • Commotion: Shots are disturbing and will alarm foes when discharged.
  • Reload: Takes 0.9 seconds to reload another magazine. (1 for Vectis)
  • Status: Has a 30% opportunity to proc status impacts per shot.
  • Trigger: SEMI – fires a round each time the trigger is pulled.
  • Harm Types: Deals 140 Impact, 157.5 Puncture and 52.5 Slash (90 Impact, 78.8 Puncture and 56.3 Slash for Vectis)

The Vectis Prime Build requires a Mastery Rank of 14 preceding it could be utilized by players and constructed utilizing its outlines and Prime parts.

Vectis Prime Relics

The basic thing about cultivating for Primes is knowing which Relics to search for while playing the game. The accompanying Relics contain the different segments you need to assemble Vectis Prime Build and the uncommonness of the part.

  • Outline – Neo A4 – Uncommon
  • Barrel – Not at present noticeable, expected bug now.
  • Recipient – Meso V6 – Rare
  • Stock – Lith V8 – Uncommon

Vectis Prime Relic Farming

Image result for Vectis Prime Build

These Prime Relics are procured contrastingly to most Primes in the game. You can get them from finishing missions you wouldn’t normally see elsewhere like The Void, Plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis.

For the Void mission, you can simply load into a few missions to get one of the unvaulted Relics as your prize.That’s why it’s so important to have allies by your side as they help each other reach their goal without getting sidetracked or stuck along the way! So if you want some real action, try out our Void Mission  Wukong Prime Build today!–Warframe

The Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis are two different locations in Warframe that you can explore to find relics. You’ll want to visit Konzu for The Plains of Eidolon, which will let you know about the available missions and show where they drop their rare Relics. For Orb Vallis, head over to Fortuna so Eudico can tell you more about bounties there – as well as what rewards those Bounties give out.

Vectis Prime Build Relics are an incredible piece of equipment that you can use to build your own Vectis Prime. They’re fundamental in the process as they provide all the components for said project, and once you get them from a Void Fissure it’s just up to crafting what will suit your needs.

Vectis Prime Builds

Sniper Build

The Vectis Prime has a better than expected basic possibility of not only being helpful up to 100% with standard mods, but also guaranteeing the most damage per shot.

This Vectis Prime Build synergizes four mods to increase the headshot damage even more. These are Depleted Reload, Argon Scope, Primed Chamber and Target Acquired that can really help you out as long as all of these mods have been equipped together on your rifle.

Status Build

The Vectis Prime Build has been a favorite for years, and it’s not difficult to see why. This build can be used with any weapon mod or bullet type, but when you use the Primed Chamber Mod on this double detail rifle at 100% status chance level.

It nearly ensures a two-shot execute on your objective, hitting them with a substantial previously shot and a subsequent shot that can polish off most adversaries.

Anti-Armor Build

The Vectis Prime’s low magazine cap settles on it an extraordinary decision for utilizing Primed Chamber and the mix of warmth and destructive makes this form incredible for getting through vigorously heavily clad units. It also boasts a high fire rate, making short work of even the toughest enemies in your way.

The Vectis Prime is one formidable weapon that will keep you fighting no matter what obstacles stand in your way with its satisfying effects guaranteed to take down any enemy before they can do harm to you or those around them.

Vigilante Mods Build

The Vigilante Mod Set for the Vectis Prime Build increases its punch through by 150% and can shoot frame entryways or in any event, punches through 2-3 foes. It also has an improved trigger time which guarantees your shots are discharged rapidly when reloaded with a resource converter that gets all sorts of ammunition and converts it to the ammo type for this weapon.

Viral & Hunter Munitions Combo

With a to some degree higher cut and effect actual harm contrasted with cut. It would be hard for the weapon to proc slice all alone, which is one of many things that makes Vectis Prime ammo so interesting. By utilizing Hunter Munitions, this gives an opportunity to the Vectis Prime. To bargain cut harm by changing over its general damage into lower-damage but potent cuts instead – Viral’s also free component in cutting since it intensifies health loss from procs! Making this form ammunition proficient and compelling in many missions

With lesser slash severity than slicers however more prevalent affects could make sure your adversary knows what they’re up against when you utilize The Vectis Prime.

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