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How to Get Rare Candy in Pokemon Go


Rare Candy in Pokemon Go is exactly as rare as it claims to be, making obtaining it a challenging effort to say the least. What follows is a comprehensive guide on obtaining the elusive tiny candies, as well as information on their effects and which Pokemon to give them to.

One of the most satisfying experiences in Pokemon Go is when you’ve finally accumulated enough candy to capture the Pokemon you’ve been working so hard to capture. However, while Spotlight Hours provide the ideal opportunity to harvest candies for the Pokemon that have been amplified, you are dependent on luck in order to obtain the precise Pokemon that you are seeking.

The use of Rare Candies comes in handy in this situation, although obtaining them isn’t always straightforward. Following is all you need to know about the elusive tiny candies, including what they are and how to obtain them, as well as how to use them effectively.

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Rare Candy explained in Pokemon Go

Rare Candies are collectible things that, similar to the collectible goods found in mainstream video games, may be used to level up a Pokemon by one level. If you offer one to a Pokemon in Pokemon Go, it will instantly transform into one of that Pokemon’s original candies. Consequently, when a Charmander is presented with a Rare Candy, the candy is miraculously transformed into Charmander candy.

They may also be used on Legendary Pokemon, so keep this in mind if you want to wow your friends with the strength of your Legendries.

How to Get Rare Candy in Pokemon Go

As the name implies, you won’t be able to just go into a store and purchase some of these elusive rainbow candies. Instead, you must be prepared to work hard in order to grab as many as possible.

Here are the most effective methods of obtaining a Rare Candy in Pokemon Go:

1. Raids – Rare Candies are usually awarded to players who win raid battles, so it’s worth putting up a team and participating in a few raids per day.

  • Bosses will drop anything from one to three candies.

2. PvP Battles – Getting those tasty Ws on other trainers isn’t only good for bragging rights; it’s also good for your health. Winning trainer bouts also result in the dropping of Rare Candies from both basic and premium tracks, depending on the track.

3. Field Research Tasks – Rare Candies can be obtained through doing Field Research assignments, so make sure you’re completing projects that are related to the game.

How to Use Rare Candy in Pokemon

You don’t get a second chance if you use your candies on a Pokemon that doesn’t really need them, so make sure you’re being strategic with which Pokemon you feed.

The best Pokemon to give Rare Candies to are:

  • Pokemon that you’ve only seen once: these are pretty rare so you’re unlikely to find lots of candies for them.
  • Pokemon that have long walk times: If you’ve got a stubborn Pokemon, it’s worth using a few rare candies to boost their level. After all, the best Pokemon usually need longer walks!
  • Pokemon with good IVs and movesets: Don’t waste your candy on poor IV Pokemon. Make sure you use them on your best fighters.