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What are the Best Places to Visit During Christmas in USA


Best Places to Visit During Christmas in USA

United States is one of the most beautiful country in the world. Various locations are there in this country which are visited by travelers all over the world. Every place has its own beauty and charm so traveling to every location gives you different memories. Out of many places, Christmas is celebrated with full energy and enthusiasm every year here. Here we will discuss some good locations for enjoying Christmas holidays along with your family and friends:

Christmas market in Bethesda, Maryland

The “Christmas market 2016 Bethesda” is a recommended place for those who love shopping and other adventure activities during their holidays. This market opens on first Friday night of November and continues till 24th of December. Here you will see various stalls with different types of products, toys and clothes at affordable rates. You can enjoy delicious food and snacks prepared by local cuisines here.

Free shuttles are provided to the visitors from parking lot to the location where this market is organized in order to reduce traffic congestion in that particular area. Special discount offers are also available for those who book hotels at nearby locations through online platforms Red Beard Sailing.

The shops at North Pole in center valley, Pennsylvania

The “shops at North Pole” is a good place for enjoying winter holidays in Pennsylvania. Various events are organized here during different times of the day. You can take your family members and friends to this place so that you enjoy together. The best time for visiting this place is between November till January 1st week. Christmas parade, train rides, winter fashion shows, animal sledding and other interesting activities are arranged regularly at this location to entertain locals as well as tourists.

The North Pole Florida

The “North Pole Florida” is another good location for enjoying your holidays with full energy and enthusiasm. This famous attraction makes everyone happy by giving them many things for entertainment purpose only like carousel, Santa house etc. Here you will get a chance to meet Santa Claus personally who gives you gift packs on your wish.

The shops at Grand Central in New York City

The “shops at Grand Central” is the most visited place during Christmas holidays by children as well as adults due to its impressive decoration. Another unique attraction of this location is the ice skating rink which is covered with snow and decorated with huge trees, lights, ornaments etc. You can enjoy delicious food items here at cheap rates only like Coffee, waffle, hot chocolate etc. Try all these places once in order to create special memories for yourself and loved ones.

They are worth visiting because they offer different types of entertainment such as shopping, eating and spending time with the family members. So what is your plan for this Christmas? Any good destination in mind?

Here we have the best places to see in United States of America all around the year.

The United States of America has everything and it is very difficult for someone to pick the best places. But we have picked best places for you that are worth visiting in USA.

1) Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles: You can visit Hollywood boulevard from Sunset boulevard if you want to know about stars as this place is famous as the “Walk of Fame” with more than 2,000 handprints and footprints of stars. Every star on the walkway represent a celebrity from film industry. At present times there are many important celebrities which include Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep etc. You can take a picture with a favorite actor or actress by placing your feet upon his/her print in sidewalk once placed their hands and feet prints in wet cement in the sidewalk. There are many Hollywood tours for people to take a tour around the oldest neighborhoods of Los Angeles which have been used in films for more than 100 years. You can also visit Graumann’s Chinese Theater, El Capitan Theatre and TCL Chinese Theatre, built in 1927 where Charlie Chaplin filmed his movies.

2) Niagara Falls: It is one of the best natural beauty spots worth being visited in USA. These waterfalls are also shared by Canada and United States (New York) border which shows strength of relationship between two countries. These falls acted as hot spot for many films like “Clash of Titans”, “The Jackal”, “The Last Action Hero” etc., you can view all falls from Maid of the Mist boat. The best place to view is in Luna Island where you can walk around the falls which are only accessible by footbridge.

3) Grand Canyon: This national park situated in Arizona is one of the most popular destinations for visitors from different parts of the world. These deep and wide gorges were formed by Colorado River and it’s tributaries during past 6 million years. All these attractions makes this place worth visiting like moon like landscape, sandstone cliffs, steep sided canyons etc.,

4) Liberty Island: It is an island in New York Harbor that contains Statue of Liberty that was presented by France to Express their gratitude towards United States for helping them in American Revolution War. It has been restored in 2004 after 11 years of extensive renovation project. This is an ideal place for seeing the skyline of New York City like Ellis Island, Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan. You can reach here by Boat or ferry from Liberty State Park, Jersey City.

5) Yosemite National Park: One of the largest national park situated in California where you can find many interesting features including waterfalls, deep valleys, grand meadows etc., It’s a must visit place that has been reconstructed recently due to fire damage. You can also enjoy rock climbing, hiking and camping here according to your interest. If you are planning to have a trip with family then this park is best because there are many activities available for all age groups which include biking, swimming etc.,

6) Miami: It is one of the major cities in United States where different cultures live together and this city has been used as a backdrop for many films like “Scarface”, “Bad Boys II” etc., You can take a tour around places like Little Havana, Calle Ocho (8th street), Coral Castle which contains mysterious stone structures, Art Deco Historic District, South Beach etc.

7) Washington DC: This place acts as political hub of USA and houses many national monuments like Capitol Building, White House, Lincoln Memorial etc., If you are interested in history then this place is worth being visited because you can find L’Enfant’s plan for development with wide streets laid in geometric pattern. You can also visit Arlington National Cemetery, Pentagon etc.,

8) New Orleans: It is one of the cities in United States where you can experience French influenced culture and this place was also the birthplace of Jazz. This place has been used as backdrop for many films like “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” (1958), “Monster’s Ball” etc., You can enjoy your trip with special dishes of restaurants there like seafood gumbo, muffaletta etc.

9) Chicago: It is one of the largest cities situated on shores of Lake Michigan which acts as financial hub containing world class skyscrapers. If you are visiting this city then you must see Navy Pier, The Art Institute of Chicago, Gate Sculpture popularly known as Cloud Gate, Wrigley Building etc.

10) New York City: It is one of the fastest growing cities geographically situated on the Hudson River which contains many world class skyscrapers. You can visit different places like Times Square, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty etc., This city is always crowded with people from all parts of the world because it acts as business hub and financial center. You can also enjoy your trip with 360 degree view of this city by taking a ride in observation deck which is situated on forty second floor.

11) Las Vegas: It is an entertainment capital located in Nevada where you can find various amusement parks like Caesars Palace, Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Venetian Hotel etc., This city contains many replicas of world’s renowned monuments like Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal etc. You can also visit Hoover Dam which is located 30 miles from this place and it supplies water to whole city.

12) San Francisco: It is a major tourist hub situated on the edge of Pacific Ocean containing famous cable cars which move up and down the steep hills. If you are planning a trip with family then there are amusement parks for children like Pier 39 that contain aquarium, cafes etc., You can find different places to enjoy your day like Coit Tower, Golden Gate Bridge etc.,

13) Orlando: It is one of the leading cities in United States where Disney World theme park attracts large number of tourists every year. This city has been used as backdrop for many movies like “The Rock” (1996) etc., If you are planning to visit this place with family then you must visit Sea World which houses different aquariums and exhibits containing dolphins, whales, sea lions etc.

14) Hawaii: It is one of the beautiful islands located in Pacific Ocean where people from all over the world come to enjoy their holidays by snorkeling and scuba diving. Different national parks of United States can be visited like Haleakala National Park which contains dormant volcano having crater that spreads across 7 miles, Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge etc.,

15) Miami: It is one of the leading cities situated on south eastern coast of Florida where you can find attractions like South Beach, Miracle Mile, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens etc. It is a popular destination for many fashion models and singers where they have their own apartments to stay.

16) Dallas: This city contains sixth largest skyline in whole world which has been used as background for movies like “The Hunger Games” (2012). You must visit Art District of downtown Dallas containing large number of works from modern artists from all over the world where you can enjoy shopping in wide range of specialty stores.

17) Houston: It is one of the major cities located on western coastlines containing NASA’s Johnson Space Center where space shuttle program was launched that attracts large number of tourists every year. You can also enjoy your trip by exploring museums like Museum of Fine Arts, Houston which contains permanent art collection etc., This city is connected with Inter-state highway 45 & 10.

18) San Diego: It is one of the leading cities situated on Baja California Peninsula containing popular Zoo’s like San Diego Zoo that was opened in 1916 and also known as best place to view plants species from around world. You can visit famous attractions like Balboa Park, Safari Park etc., which are well known for their work relating to animals.

19) Los Angeles: It is one of the largest cities situated in western part of United States where Hollywood sign has been used in many movies because it acts as photo opportunity for tourists. If you are planning an adventurous trip then you must visit Santa Monica Pier that contain amusement park rides, shopping etc.,

20) Chicago: It is one of the biggest cities situated on eastern coast containing large number of works from famous architects like Frank Lloyd Wright who designed Robie House located in Hyde Park. You can enjoy your trip by visiting Navy Pier which offers great view of lake Michigan and contains various shops to buy souvenirs etc. This city is connected with Inter-state highway 90 & 294.

21) Philadelphia: If you want to visit museums and galleries then must visit first floor of Rodin Museum which was opened in 1929 and contains about 185 sculptures, 175 bronzes and also thousands of sketches. You can also enjoy different historical sites like Liberty Bell Center that has enormous bell of 7 tons and contains a park nearby.

22) San Antonio: It is a popular place situated on south western coastlines of United States where you can find attractions like River Walk, Alamo etc., You must visit AT & T Center which acts as home for Spurs. Major highways of this city are Inter-state highway 10 & 35.

23) Charlotte: This city has been used as film backdrop in movie “National Treasure” (2004). Art District NoDa located in North Charlotte contains large number of artists who come from all over the world to paint their work relating to art .You can enjoy International Freedom Festival that takes place annually and it hosts large number of people from different places. This city is connected with Inter-state highway 77 & 85.

24) Atlanta: It is one of the leading cities situated on north eastern coastlines containing different top most attractions like Georgia Aquarium that shows aquarium artifacts, Amazon Rainforest & River habitats etc., This city is connected with Inter-state highway 75 & 85.

25) Indianapolis: It is one of the leading cities located in central part of United States where you can enjoy your trip by visiting Indiana State Museum which contains around 32000 works from ancient Egypt to contemporary fine arts. You must visit Lucas Oil Stadium that has large number of football fans and it acts as home for Indianapolis Colts. Major highways are Inter-state highway 65 & 69.

The above list contains about top 25 big US cities that attract large number of tourists every year. You must plan your trip according to above list and enjoy different attractions relating to history, art ,scenery etc.,