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32 traveler’s recommended best places to see in Belgium?


Belgium has always been about blending old-world charm with current culture and trends. This European jewel is home to numerous wonderful attractions for all varieties of visitors. From historical castles, houses, museums, and cathedrals to modern buildings, shopping complexes, and amusements. Here’s a full list of the best places to see in Belgium if you’re planning a vacation to the present fascinating country. While browsing the list, you’ll become overwhelmed by the choices. So choose your destinations supported by the quantity of time you have got available, your holiday plan, and other factors. These sites in Belgium promise to bring a splash of fun and excitement to your vacation. And can undoubtedly make it a memorable experience while you’re within the lovely nation of Belgium.

Best Places To See In Belgium

Are you searching for the best places to see in Belgium? take a look at our list of renowned places in Belgium that you simply should see while you’re there. Continue reading by scrolling down! Remember to incorporate your favorite best places to see in Belgium.

  1. Brussels: Nightlife And Shopping

Brussels is one of the best places to see in Belgium since it’s the capital. And one in every one of the main centers of magnificent museums, palaces, churches, and houses. This is often also the ECU Union’s administrative capital. As it attracts travelers from everywhere around the globe. Brussels, known for its world-class cafés, bars, restaurants, and amusement arcades. It encompasses a wide selection of possibilities for creating your European vacation captivating and interesting. There are several sightseeing alternatives in Brussels, Belgium, for all sorts of tourists which will not disappoint!

  1. Bruges: Palaces And Canals

Bruges, a beautiful medieval town with ancient buildings and canals, is also one of every of the foremost beautiful Belgium tourist attractions. the gorgeous palaces, churches, and mansions in Bruges represent the city’s Viking heritage, while the city’s network of canals has earned it the nickname “Paris of the North.” Bicycle about this charming town, take a canal cruise, or relax with a cup of Belgian beverage at one in every one of the charming cafes on the most marketplace. It is, without a matter, the best city in Belgium to go to.

  1. Ghent: Art And Serenity

It is a stunning and calm town stuffed with historical landmarks, medieval architecture, and Belgian churches, is one of the best places to see in Belgium. Ghent, home of the Alter Piece, could be a popular destination for history and art fans, but the tranquility and attractiveness of town draw, visitors from all walks of life. This town is among the foremost unusual locations to go to in Belgium thanks to its strange mixture of history and placed atmosphere.

  1. Antwerp: The Food Capital

Antwerp may be a real Belgian joy, rich in culture, art, and customs. On the one hand, it features historic architectural marvels and palaces, but it also includes modern and trendy art museums. This area is famous for its delicious cuisine and beer. But travelers recommend Belgium’s diamond district since it trades are over 70% of the world’s rough diamonds. It is one every of the highest destinations in Belgium to work out in two days.

  1. Ardennes: Hills, Forests, And Adventures

The Ardennes are a hilly region in Belgium that’s one of the foremost popular destinations for adventurers. Ardennes has thick woods, cliffs, caverns, and Belgium biodiversity and feral creatures like lynx, deer, and swine, and are good for hiking, camping, and riding. If excitement is what you are looking for on your vacation to Belgium, the Ardennes won’t allow you to down. it’s one of the nicest destinations in Belgium to go to in a single day.

  1. Tournai: World’s Most Beautiful Cathedrals

This bustling city on the Belgian-French border is home to at least one of the world’s most stunning churches. Throughout the year, this is often a hotspot of art and sculptures that pulls art enthusiasts and history aficionados. Tournai is one of the foremost attractive destinations and is included in the list of the best places to see in Belgium, with several fantastic museums and art galleries, further because of the country’s oldest town, Belfry. If you’re attempting to find something to try and do in Belgium, here is that the place to travel.

  1. Dinant: Caves And Wildlife

Dinant, located on the banks of a Meuse River within the Belgian province of Namur, is another tourist attraction and one among the most effective place to go to in Belgium. Moreover, Dinant contains a vast nature reserve with unusual species and is home to notable natural caves, European caverns just like the Caves at Han, and also the Grotto of Dinant, also as several of Belgium’s top national parks. Dinant, 65 kilometers from Brussels, is among the city’s must-see attractions.

  1. Leuven: Best Belgian Breweries

Leuven is another name on the list of top locations to go to in Belgium, boasting a number of the most effective Belgian brewers. Like every Belgian city, Leuven is understood for lively marketplaces, street-side taverns, cafés, cathedrals, and museums, and because the home of India’s leading Catholic university, Leuven is sometimes buzzing with a faculty population from everywhere on the planet. You’ll also discover one of Belgium’s greatest hotels here.

  1. Mons: Peace And Relaxation

It is additionally on the list of best places to see in Belgium. Mons, the attractive capital of Belgium’s Hainaut province, welcomes visitors with an unlimited cobblestone plaza, Grand Palace, and age-old government building. The beautiful tones of the town’s famous Belfry bells, placed at the highest of a 270-foot tower, draw and amaze every visitor. This can be one of the foremost popular tourist destinations in Belgium.

  1. Mechelen: Cruises and Picnics

Mechelen, a vibrant and attractive Belgian city adjacent to Antwerp, is another lively and scenic city within the country. In many respects, Mechelen is outstanding. Famous for boat trips and beer tours, visitors may climb the good tower of St. Rombout Church for a wide-ranging perspective of the Antwerp harbor, or visit the world Carillion School, which specializes in bell teaching. it might be unjust to not highlight Mechelen while discussing the best locations to go to in Belgium.

  1. De Haan: Picturesque Beaches

De Haan could be a lovely town on the Belgian coast, located in northern Belgium. It’s known for its 11-kilometer-long beach, which is bordered by fantastic restaurants, trendy cafés, thrilling bars, and a few of Belgium’s greatest homestays. Its lovely white sand and exciting nightlife aren’t the sole things it’s to supply. Couples also like strolling around the streets of Concession, which is another pleasurable aspect of this coastal town and one every of Belgium’s most romantic destinations. The beautiful Belle Époque structures and therefore the majestic government building doesn’t seem to be missed while you’re here.

  1. Durbuy: Blooming Rhododendrons And Poppies

Are you continuing to seek for best places to see in Belgium? Durbuy, tucked away deep inside a tranquil valley surrounded by thick woodlands, never fails to amaze its tourists with its old-world charm and rustic cobblestone paths and cottages draped in rhododendron, ivy vines, and poppy petals. The town’s streets and alleys are ready to get in a spider web pattern, making it one of the best spots in Belgium for photographers and painters.

When you go into the town, the residents are quite hospitable and will provide you with a hefty cup of cool beer. do not be misled by the town’s laid-back and rural feelings; it is a great location to cover if you wish to induce aloof from the town. There are lots of fine-dining restaurants and craft businesses to decide on from.

  1. Arlon: A Battle-Scarred History

Arlon is another renowned tourist destination in Belgium. Furthermore, Arlon contains a dense population. it’s on the subject of the Luxembourg and French borders. It’s at a fork within the road for a slew of invading forces. There have been Celtic, Roman, and Gaulish villages within the vicinity, and Arlon contains all of the intriguing remains of the region’s rich history. One of the best places to see in Belgium together with your relations and friends is that the Arlon Archaeology Museum. This is often one of the foremost popular tourist sites in Belgium.

  1. Beguinage: A Lost World Made By Women

Women who sought to devote their entire lives to God without fully retiring from the globe formed the Beguinages within the thirteenth century, which were communities, intended to suit their bodily and spiritual requirements. The Beguines was their name. The subsequent could be a timeline of Beguinage’s history. There are 13 beguinages in Flemish. They’re enclosed by walls and ditches.

  1. Genk: Parks And Nature Reserves

Genk is one of the best destinations in Belgium to work out in two days. The city, which is near Hasselt within the Belgian province of Limburg, is thought for its wonderful garden-city design, marshland natural reserves, Calm Park, and other attractions. While in Genk, you will find out about coal mining by visiting one among the historic coal mines, like André Dumont, or by hiking or biking through the picturesque Hoge Kempen park. At the Genk Sundial Park, you’ll also visit the unique outdoor sundial museum, which offers tourists a one-of-a-kind experience.

  1. High Fens (Eifel Nature Park): Rare Flora And Fauna

The High Fens – Eifel Nature Park, also referred to as the North Eifel Nature Park may be a naturalist’s paradise. Rare styles of flora and animals, deep valleys, and wooded mountainsides may all be found during this stunning area. If you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the violet copper butterfly, a starling-sized dipper with a white breast and a penchant for swimming and diving. These can be the best places to see in Belgium.

  1. Hoge Kempen park: Lakes And Pine Woods

Hoge Kempen National Park, located between Genk and also the Meuse River Valley, is another one of the best places to see in Belgium. Big lakes, huge pine trees, and purple blooming heathland form up the park’s 5,000 acres. a panoramic view could also be had from the park’s highest point. Many unique and distinctive creatures sleep in the park, including Capreolus capreolus, the slippery snake, the swallowtail butterflies, and therefore the Western beewolf.

  1. Knokke-Heist: Unmatched Scenic Beauty

Knokke-Heist is one every of the highest day-trip destinations in Belgium. It’s a little Belgian seaside village on the outskirts of the well-known Zwin Nature Park. The neighboring mudflats and delightful sandy beaches are well-known. Oystercatchers and egrets are the foremost prevalent birds. it is also home to a For Independence Museum, which tells the story of the area’s history throughout WWII.

  1. Kortrijk: A Shopper’s Paradise

Kortrijk could be a lovely city in Flanders, Belgium’s northernmost province. The city’s historic core is gorgeous, with multiple market squares, churches, vibrant commercial sections, and an ingenious district. The Broeltowers are the symbols of Kortrijk and are among the simplest locations to go to in Belgium. you’ll sample some delectable cuisine at a spread of restaurants, lunchrooms, and low shops. They also offer some excellent vegetarian alternatives.

  1. La Roche-en-Ardenne: Famous Museums And Animal Parks

La Roche-en-Ardenne, located approximately 70 kilometers from Liege on the river bank Ourthe, maybe a charming community with a spread of things to try to Belgium attractions. to find more about the region’s heritage and history, stop by the WWII Museum, the Ardenne Ham Museum, and also the Pottery. The famous wildlife park on the Deister valley is home to the cervid, wild boar, partridges, wild sheep, wolves, and a spread of agricultural animals.

  1. Liege: Hep Nightlife Scenes

Liege is Belgium’s third-biggest city, with a thriving nightlife, delectable food, and a good range of beverages. Moreover, Liege is famed for its world-class museums, cathedrals, and art galleries, making it one every of Belgium’s must-see destinations for architectural and art enthusiasts. Take a stroll along the Coteaux de la Citadelle or have a picnic within the well-kept Parc de la Boverie. Make your vacation to Liege during the festival season to feature even more charm to your visit. Your one stopover at one of all the various festivals held throughout the year will entice you to return.

  1. Malmedy: Hiking And Biking Trails

Malmedy, a small town within the Belgian county of Liege, incorporates a plethora of tourist attractions. Malmedy’s history during WWII is commemorated at the Baugnez 44 Historical Centre. Malmundarium is another heritage landmark that covers the area’s cultural history. Hiking and bike routes abound everywhere around Malmedy, providing breathtaking views of the region as you stroll through the flowery meadows.

  1. Zwin: A Birdwatcher’s Heaven

Zwin could be a beautiful natural reserve that straddles the Belgian-Dutch border. Founded in 1952, with the bulk of the land in Belgium (158 hectares) and also the remainder within the Netherlands. (about 33 hectares). The reserve is understood for its diverse range of salt-tolerant flora, moreover as an oversized type of bird species. It’s certainly a birdwatcher’s paradise. The reserve also contains a little zoo with a range of fascinating domestic birds.

  1. Ostend: Beaches And Gothic architecture

Ostend, one of the most important cities on the Belgian coast, has grown in popularity as a result of its strategic harbor location. it’s a preferred tourist destination in Belgium, known for its beautiful sandy beaches, Atlantic Wall outdoors Museum, and other attractions. Walking through the little alleys around Het Visschersplein while eating the local produce at the local markets is that the finest thanks to getting to grasp the town. Don’t miss the Gothic Church of St Petrus and St Paulus, which has amazing architecture.

  1. Rochefort: World Famous Cafes

Rochefort may be a captivating Belgian city known for its numerous shops and cafés, moreover as its world-class cathedrals. within the city, there’s a lesser-known cave system. it’s a straightforward city to navigate, with practically everything located on most streets. Rue de Behogne, Place Roi Albert 1er, and Rue Jacquet are all names for identical streets. You’ll pass a variety of eateries along the road where you’ll sample Rochefort’s famed Trappist beer.

  1. Namur: Medieval Forts And Rivers

Namur is notable for the high-rise fortress that sits overlooking town and lends it its name. it’s sandwiched at the junction of the 2 peaceful rivers Meuse and Sambre. Namus is without a doubt one amongst Belgium’s most tasty towns, due to its ancient fortress and therefore the friendly smiles of its inhabitants, which you may be greeted with on a commonplace. While this castle was once Europe’s most powerful fortification, it now stands solemn and silent, attracting travelers from all around the world with its oozing beauty and stunning view.

  1. Spa: Birthplace Of Thermal Springs

Spa tucked away in a very peaceful valley within the Ardennes mountains, could be a lovely Belgian town known for its natural springs and also the incontrovertible fact that the name “spa” originates here. it’s one amongst the highest destinations to go to in Belgium not simply because it’s the origin of the spa, but also because the annual Belgian automobile race is hosted right not far away in Francorchamps. it is also the house of the world-famous drinking water brand Spa, which is distributed everywhere on the planet.

  1. Bastogne: Home Of The Wood Of Peace

This little but picturesque Belgian town is on the subject of the Luxembourg border and maybe a popular destination for patriots and history buffs. it’s the location of 1 of WWII’s most famous conflicts, the “Battle of the Bulge,” during which many American soldiers perished. Many unique memorials have been going through construction across the town to honor the dead warriors and their commitment to developing this country into what it’s today.

You should also pay a visit to the Wood of Peace, which honors American veterans, Belgian fighters, soldiers, or maybe citizens who gave their life within the Ardennes. This dense forest from over 4,000 trees was planted to mark the fiftieth anniversary of that epic conflict, and its distinctive design makes it one of all the best sites to go to in Belgium. The trees are arranged within the shape of the UNICEF logo, which is visible only from above.

  1. Hasselt: A Classic Destination

Hasselt, a Flemish town and community, maybe a traditional destination noted for having several of Belgium’s greatest homes. The town consists of several small communes like Spalbeek, Wimmertingen, Kuringen, and Stokrooie, and therefore the hamlets of Kiewit and Rapertingen. you will also persist a ship trip on the Demer River or the Albert Canal, both of which flow through the town. This venue is possibly one of all Belgium’s must-see destinations.

  1. Ypres: For War Memorials

Ypres may be a large city in western Flanders that’s one of every of best places to see in Belgium. The town’s battlefields, war museums, and monuments memorialize the town’s losses during WWI. During the war, several notable structures faced destruction but the Belgians were ready to rebuild some, notably the famed St. Martin’s Cathedral. When visiting Belgium within the winter, it’s among the foremost popular options. Several retail destinations, like the Grote Markt, are available.

  1. Charleroi: Observe Rich Art

Charleroi, a painting modern city in Hainaut, is indeed the answer to your query if you’re looking for eccentric and best places to see in Belgium. The City Hall, which depicts Belgian folk tunes, St. Christopher’s Church, which represents the old days of mosaic, and the Museum of Fine Arts. It has the world’s largest painting library, which are just a few examples of the city’s abundance of art. In essence, there are several art galleries to see. After you’ve finished with the art, you may sample some of the greatest Belgian cuisines in the restaurants and cafés. It is yet another sort of cultural discovery.

  1. Meuse Valley: A Lush Place

In a European country, a valley represents the best of Mother Nature. You can get a good sense of the beautiful landscape in the southern portion of Belgium. Take a river cruise to view the stunning surroundings and explore the charming villages surrounded by deep forests. Between the cities of Dinant and Namur, this is one of Belgium’s most well-known tourist attractions. In Belgium, you can discover the greatest hiking, cycling, and trekking opportunities. 

As of now, high-rise you have learned about the best places to see in Belgium. So, what are you waiting for? just get ready for an amazing trip and book your flight!