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What are the Things to Do in Germany Besides Oktoberfest


Most people know that Oktoberfest is the world’s largest Volksfest (beer fest/beer festival) and takes place in Munich , Bavaria, Germany. But all I hear from friends and family back home is ‘There’s a huge beer fest in Germany? When can we go?’

Oktoberfest has become a synonym for “beer festival”. But there are many other things going on in Germany throughout the year. I’ve compiled a list of festivals as well as events that take place all around Germany. It covers all the German states and is sorted by month. You can view the list here about what are best places to see in germany.

There’s truly something for everyone, whether it’s outdoors, indoors, active or relaxing!

October Octoberfest in Bamberg – The Octoberfest in Bamberg is the oldest folk festival in the world. What began as a wedding celebration for Prince Bishop Philipp von Greiffenklau zu Vollrads back in 1585 has turned into an annual beer party for 28,000 people. It has been going on continuously ever since, even during the two world wars and the cholera epidemics in 1830 and 1866. The central activity is of course beer – more than 14,000 liters served up by 16 local breweries from Franconia to whet the appetite. But there’s also a fair with rides, booths and much more fun. (more)

October Hock in Düsseldorf – The Hock, an old word for ‘bend’, is a traditional folk festival with strong farm elements that has existed in the Rhineland region since the 18th century and was once common all over Germany. Nowadays it’s mostly found in Westphalia and Lower Saxony. It takes place during mid-October until November 3rd, across cities such as Dortmund , Münster , Osnabrück and Bad Driburg . Following tradition, there will be farmhouse brewers present, handing out their award winning brews to visitors free of charge! There’s also sausage stands and large dance floors where people can dance to live music. (more)

November 8th : Anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down – On November 9, 1989 East and West Germany started dismantling the wall that divided their capital city for 28 years. To this day it is one of the country’s most important symbols of freedom and hope. Don’t forget to light a candle at one of the remaining pieces, such as the East Side Gallery .

December Christmas Markets all around Germany – The highlight of any German Christmas season is visiting a Christmas market , which you’ll find in every German city and many smaller towns, such as Dresden ‘s Striezelmarkt . Most importantly there will be Glühwein (mulled wine), Lebkuchen (gingerbread), and all kinds of delicious treats to eat and take home as gifts! Some fun activities include Ferris wheels, roller coasters, bumper cars and sleigh rides. But the markets are also perfect for simply walking around and admiring the festive atmosphere. (more)

January Tollwood Festival – The Tollwood festival takes place in Munich ‘s Olympic Park every winter. From mid-January until early February you can enjoy theater, dance, music, circus acts and arts & crafts workshops from all over the world. Plus there’s a global food court with vegetarian options that changes its menu monthly! This is one of my favorite festivals because I like to go ice skating here when it gets really cold (which it usually does). (more)

February Karneval/Fasching – There are various kinds of traditional carnivals in Germany, depending on the region. The most famous one is Cologne ‘s Karneval , also known as Fastelovend or Fasching . It can last up to three weeks before Ash Wednesday with parades, parties and lots of drink! Other popular carnival cities are Mainz , Düsseldorf , Berlin and Munich . But many smaller towns also celebrate their own versions. (more)

March Holi Festival for Colors – This festival celebrating color isn’t only celebrated in India but all over the world, including Essen & Wuppertal ! People gather together to play games where they throw colored powders at each other. This is great fun – it doesn’t hurt, but feels like a warm hug! Try it at the festival’s main parade . The Holi Festival of Colors takes place in March or April each year, sometimes May. (more)

April Coaster Fair – Germany has 5 major coaster manufacturers: Maurer , Mack Rides , Gerstlauer , Vekoma and Fabbri . Every year they all gather for this convention to show off their latest rides. Since 1992 more than 1,500 industry professionals have come to Berlin to network and attend panel discussions on topics such as security, marketing & PR, wind engineering and car design. There are also movies about new coasters to watch during breaks. If you’re into roller coasters and theme parks, this convention is a must. Other than you can view the list here to know more about the stuff that you can do here.