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What Does KKK Mean in Gorilla Tag


What Does KKK Mean in Gorilla Tag

Kkk is a ban code in gorilla tag; let’s look for more details. When you join KKK code you might get logged out of the game and get a ban for 1 hour.

Why You Should Never Join the KKK in Gorilla Tag

Introduction Have you ever been asked to join a group or enter a code in Gorilla Tag without knowing what it is? Unfortunately, some players may trick you into entering harmful codes or joining dangerous groups.

One of the most infamous codes that can get you banned in Gorilla Tag is KKK.

Let’s find out more details on what KKK stands for and why you should never join the KKK in any context.

Why is KKK banned in Gorilla Tag?

The creator of Gorilla Tag, Lemming, made the KKK code a bannable offence because of its association with racism and hate.

 This ban same applies to other harmful codes like Mini99 and can also result in a ban.

Why You Should Never Join the KKK

Joining the KKK or any other white supremacist organization is morally wrong and illegal in many countries. These groups promote hate, intolerance, and violence against people who do not fit their narrow definition of “acceptable.”

In Gorilla Tag game, when you join KKK groups you can get banned. Also see here how to get shiny rocks in Gorilla Tag.

These groups often engage in illegal activities, including hate crimes, which can endanger you and others.

Associating with hate groups can damage your reputation and prospects as employers and educational institutions increasingly scrutinize social media and online activities.


KKK is a racist organization with a history of violence and intimidation. It is banned in Gorilla Tag, and it is done for a good reason. Joining the KKK or any other hate group is morally wrong and can have real-world consequences.

As a responsible player, you should avoid harmful codes and groups and report any players who try to trick you into joining them. Let’s work together to keep Gorilla Tag and other games safe and fun for everyone.