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What Does the Future Hold for the Gaming Industry?


Video games have been a part of our lives for decades now, and the gaming industry has seen significant growth over the last decade or so. New technologies and hardware capabilities are really shaping the future of the industry, and we are seeing esports increasing in popularity as well. Of course, there were always concerns that gaming is an addictive hobby, but over the years that point of view has changed. Clearly, it is worrisome if someone allocates most of his time to play games, but that can be said for any other hobby as well.

Given how the technology is rapidly evolving, and how new trends are emerging it would be interesting to see how it will reflect on the gaming industry in the future. So here we will discuss in which potential direction this industry will go.

Next-Gen Consoles

Today, many are accustomed to playing in online casinos or like sports betting. There is a whole list of advantages and disadvantages of such entertainment, but it is important to note that people are more willing to gamble in order to fully enjoy the victory. In addition, recently, such methods of playing are legal in most countries and the player can deposit money in a legal way through many payment systems. There is even a list of the best payout online casino, which are suitable for many countries, including Canada. For those who prefer to play online at home not for money, they are interested in game consoles.

One of the more recent events in the gaming industry was the release of next-gen consoles or Playstation 5 and the Xbox X series. It is evident that the new titles are going to have more refined graphics, they will load faster which also opens up possibilities for games to be faster-paced, etc. We are also seeing an increase in prices for the upcoming games, but more importantly, new models of monetization are becoming more popular. Namely, a subscription-based approach now exists for both Microsoft and Sony, and instead of owning a game, the players get access to a whole library for just a small monthly fee.

This is by far the best model, as you don’t have to buy something and then feel bad if you do not like the game. You just play something else, until you find a title that really suits you, which many will find as a preferred approach. We rarely like the game so much that we want to play it over and over again for months to come, and if we do come across such a game, well we can always buy it.


In the wake of the recent pandemic, gaming has become even more popular, and this is especially true for online casino games. It is a global phenomenon since we are in lockdown, and the best online casino Netherlands based platforms are also seeing more activity. Although there are not drastic changes gameplay-wise when it comes to casino games, more video games are actually being adjusted to become luck-based games. So, we can have an old-time favorite called space invaders act like casino games, simply by adding specific enemies that you need to shoot, and that will have an impact on your winnings.


The way things stand right now, we are likely to see the eSports scene continue to grow. More games are being developed for this format, the prize pools are also increasing, and more players want to be professional gamers. Companies are even using the events and popular games to reach the younger audiences for good causes, like donating blood. So, with new sponsorships, new hardware, and new games it’s only logical that the eSports scene will expand.


So these are some predictions as to what we can expect from gaming in both the near and far future. This will include new forms of monetization, new games in different formats, and more players and jobs in the eSports environment. We would also love to see innovation in terms of game genres and getting more prime games, like let’s say Portal, and we might do who knows.