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What is Ascender In Fortnite – All that You Need to Know


”An Ascender is basically a vertical zip line that helps you ascend (or descend) from the side of a mountain or from one of the Imagined Order Blimps found above POIs such as The Daily Bugle or Tilted Towers.

To use them, simply approach the elevator cable and press the interaction button to raise or lower the hinge”

In Other Words To Understand

”Ascender looks like a vertical bar that the player can quickly move. It is usually seen on a flying plane or in other high places, such as cliffs and mountains. Ascender is a vertical zip line that can be used to climb large cliffs and even airships around the IO map. When using them, similar to standard zip lines, if a player jumps out while climbing, they take no falling damage.”

1- How to use Disguise Kit in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 in progress. Players find themselves completing Resistance missions to challenge the development of the IO forces. This week, players were tasked with setting up weapons plans within Synapse Station.

So while it may seem easy, the game doesn’t tell you exactly where to go. Also, you can’t just enter enemy territory – not as you are – so you’ll have to hide. This is where the disguise kit comes in. Here’s how to mount one to use with your new home. To begin, players will need to go to the Synapse Station POI.

Here you will be asked to return the goods hidden in a black outer bag. In fact, the book exchange is located west of the Synapse station, southwest of the pool. You will see him sitting on a large rock.

Then, with the bag collected, you will notice that your character has become an unplanned NPC. By using this, you will not attract the attention of any hostile NPCs. The weapons are also easy to carry in a bag.

Here are some simple steps to complete the Fortnite Disguise Kit mission

To complete Fortnite Week 3 Resistance Quest, players will need to collect the disguise kit and weapon schematics found west of the synapse station in a black semi-circular case.

So it is easy to go back to the POI where you can find the marker on the floor to deposit the weapon design.

Fortnite Disguise Kit Mission:

  • Walk west of Synapse Station
  • Select the file containing the disguise kit and weapon diagrams
  • Go to Synapse Station
  • Find the delivery project in the main hallway on the floor

Head to the hallway between the Synapse Station garage and the building on the right. The right spot will light up once you are close enough. Put the trends down and you should do some research this week.

Completing this mission will give players a staggering 23,000 XP.