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What is Plap Plap Plap Get Pregnant Vtuber Trend


plap plap plap get pregnant vtuber


Are you ready to delve into the realm of Internet trends where humor and absurdity coexist? Welcome to the uncanny universe of “Plap Plap Get Pregnant.” No, you didn’t misread that; this unique trend has recently taken Twitter by storm, blurring the lines between reality, fandom, and virtual baby fever.

Origin and Initial Impact

The phrase “Plap Plap Get Pregnant” might seem like a nonsensical non-sequitur or some strange scientific discovery, but it’s far simpler than that. As you casually browse through your Twitter feed or trend, you may suddenly stumble upon an image of a character from a fandom you recognize, accompanied by the repeated phrase “Plap Plap Get Pregnant.” This trend encapsulates fans expressing their peculiar desire to impregnate their favorite fictional characters.

The terms “plap” and “get pregnant” had been circulating independently since 2020 on various online platforms, such as 4Chan. However, it wasn’t until May 2023 that someone on Twitter decided to conjoin these two expressions into an unforgettable copy-pasta phenomenon. The repetitive and absurd nature of this phrase rapidly turned it into a surprisingly engaging trend.

Taking the Trend to New Levels

The fascination with “Plap Plap Get Pregnant” didn’t stop at simple repetition. Another Twitter user ran the copy-pasta through an AI program designed to estimate an author’s IQ based on their writing. The result? A profoundly low score of 14. While this outcome underlines that the trend isn’t an intellectual masterpiece, it also reflects the tongue-in-cheek humor embedded within it.

The Spread and Adaptation of the Trend

The trend quickly spread across the platform despite, or perhaps because of, its absurdity. Users began applying the copy-pasta alongside images of various characters from anime to video games, creating a Twitter-wide virtual baby-making frenzy. Favorite characters were transformed into potential parents-to-be, turning conventional fandom on its head.

Critics and Commentary

Critics didn’t stay silent for long. Some opted for using well-known characters like Family Guy’s Chris Griffin to visually deliver the Internet’s collective eye-roll at the trend. This only served to stoke the flames, instigating further conversations and shares.


The “Plap Plap Get Pregnant” trend is a fascinating case study in internet culture, where humor, absurdity, and fandoms collide. Love it or loathe it, this viral phenomenon offers insightful commentary on the unique ways we engage with our favorite characters in the digital age.

It’s a stark reminder of the Internet’s ability to surprise us with its creativity and unpredictability. As we anticipate the next internet trend (perhaps a campaign to marry our smartphones?), remember to keep your “plaps” to yourself and never forget that the Internet is indeed a strange, strange place.