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What is the cost of maintaining a Shopify store?


If you’ve been running a business, you can choose shopify site maintenance, or Shopify Plus depending on your business needs.

Choosing the Shopify platform, you nevermore have to bother about the remainder of the goods being traded, as you require just the required amount of it to satisfy the need of the clients.

The sphere of e-commerce is becoming more and more popular, without a doubt, and the logical decision in the current period of economic “turbulence” is to open your own online store. The easiest way to start is to start a dropshipping business. Using this model, you can sell physical goods around the world without having them in stock. You do not need to have your own warehouses, take inventory and ship goods yourself.

Despite the attractiveness of the business model, to start, you need to have a budget that will allow you to efficiently collect and launch an online store. Competition in the field is growing, and after it the size of the required budget for a full-fledged dropshipping store launch increases. In this article, we will look at all the necessary cost items and answer the question.

What forms the total cost of the store?

So, in order to create a dropshipping store on Shopify, you need to consider several cost items:

– Domain name

– Hosting service

– Subject

– Website development cost

– Applications and additional services

– Marketing

– Advertising budget

– Acceptance of payments

– Cash gap margin

– Additional / unforeseen expenses

Next, we will tell you in more detail about each of the points that form the final cost of launching a dropshipping store. Rough calculations will be made on the example of launching a store on Shopify when integrating with Aliexpress (without pre-purchasing goods, as when working with a dropshipping agent or order fullfiment centre. More information here:

Domain name

Cost: $ 10 / year

You can’t have a website without a domain name. This is the permanent address of your store, so choose it wisely. The cost of a domain name will also vary and depend on two main factors:

– Domain name registrar company (we recommend;

– Domain zone (.com is the most preferable, but most often it will cost more).

Domain prices range from $ 8-15 with registrars such as GoDaddy or Namecheap. We wrote about the selection and connection of a domain in one of the sections of our knowledge base.

Hosting service

Cost: $ 29 / month

Domain and hosting are basic services, without which it is impossible to create any website. If the domain is the online address of the site, then the hosting is the space on which it “lives”. To create a website, we need to use hosting.

You have two options: creating a website yourself and buying hosting separately, or using Saas services (builders) that provide you with a wide range of functionality, including hosting. Hosting costs are already included in Shopify plans, along with other features.

Analysis from supervising examiners shows that users generally prefer names that give holistic also personalized purchasing expertise. Just may allow this level of personalization related to a whole section or free place.

Mobile apps give numerous customization options that can be used by developers to produce a browsing/shopping occurrence with some personalized content. Different research discovered that users obtain apps more conveniently when it arrives at buying a particular stock.

Website development

Cost: $ 0-300 and indefinitely 

One of the most important points is the assembly of the store itself. By taking advantage of the free trial period of the Shopify platform and installing the theme, you can build the site yourself without any coding skills. Having watched several tutorials in the public domain (preferably in English), you can independently assemble a completely working online store in a relatively short time.

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