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What is the difference between PRINCE2 and Scrum


Project management is referred to as the process of leading the work of a team to achieve the desired goal and objectives And the meat success criteria within the given constraints. Project management is also known as the backbone of every project as it increases the success rate. I real challenge of project management is to achieve all the project requirements and needs within the given time and budget by the client. Ask the market is growing and so is the need for the good quality project by the organization, and this is the reason why project management is considered much important and necessary. There are five stages of project management and the first stages project initiation, the Second stages project planning, the third stage is project execution, the fourth stage is project monitoring, and the last one is project closure.

Difference between PRINCE2 and Scrum :

1. The prince too is essentially a project management methodology while, on the other hand, the agile development approach the teams used is referred to as Scrum. Scrum enables the working together of teams of people with their customers in a collaborative manner. This thing is achieved through defining and prioritizing the requirements, Developing,

testing, and providing continuous feedback. Scrum usually guides the team members on how to effectively conduct this, And Scrum basically helps the team ambers to answer questions such as what requires to be delivered next week or the efficacy of the working software. At first, Scrum started its journey in the software industry, but now it is also used in other sectors. Coming to Prince 2, It is a methodology that enables better management and control of the project for different organizations. Stakeholders have guided ways to manage the projects more effectively and efficiently by dividing them into manageable parts. Also, the stakeholders are helped to answer questions like the purpose of doing the project, cost to benefit ratio of the project, etc.

2. Main areas: Coming to the main areas of the two methodologies, all the varied aspects in the “PRINCE2 TRAINING” today guards do its methodology are guided by its seven principles. As a project management method the rules and responsibilities of every member of the project management team are defined. It covers many different aspects of project management themes such as planning, change and risk management, Progress monitoring and organization, etc. The PRINCE2 project’s success Is known by whether it has helped the sponsoring organization to realize its benefit. It the cognizers that in a project, people with various specialists can come together And reduce outstanding outputs for the project. But when we talk about Scrum, The scram simply focuses on delivering projects as effectively as possible. The customers there are involved in this constant cycle of defining the requirements and prioritizing them. Also, it is seen that the products which are delivered by Scrum are likely to provide what the customers need.

3. Predictive and adaptive approaches: The difference between “PRINCE2 CERTIFICATION” and all other agile methods generally and Scrum particularly is that in PRINCE2 one is predictive, and the other is adaptive. It is a plan based approach which is largely predictive; the projects of Prince 2 mainly focuses more on the original business goals. Coming to Scrum aims at short-term incremental achievements, Which are devoid of an over-arching plan. The scram is essentially adaptive and more responsive to changes in customer requirements.

4. Responding to Changes: the belief of scrump principles is that the customer requirements are bound to change over the course of the project. So in collaboration with their clients that developers need to have a flexible and responsive approach to what’s the client. But when we talk about Prince 2, It requires the features of the final product to remain unchanged over the course of the project.


From the above points, it is seen that Prince 2 in Scrum has been described as an adaptable and flexible frameworks. None of these yields Each step instruction to ensure the success of the project. The bridge to realize more on the role of a project manager and on the other hand, the Scrum allows the team members of free reign. Both of these methodologies have unique functionalities.

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