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When is Valorant Coming to Console


When is Valorant Coming to Console

There has not been yet any date set for its release on console as of today 13 june 2022.

As we can see some players are desperately in need of playing valorant on console like we have shared some tweets below. We all can expect valorant to be released on console as well so stay tuned and follow

Five-on-five character-based tactical shooter VALORANT is a free-to-play online game. The game is played in a first-to-13 competitive format with an economic round and objective-based gameplay in which you select a single agent to play for the duration of the battle.

is valorant cross platform 2022?

The short answer isn’t yes, it’s no. Valorant doesn’t support cross play. At this time there is no console version of the game and Valorant may only be played on a PC with Windows installed.

The mobile version of Valorant appears to have been ruled out of crossplay, while the console version of the game is expected to have a crossplay option. However, until the developer provides further information, it is impossible to say for sure.