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Where Is The HELM In Destiny 2


A number of new activities for Guardians to take part in have been added to Season 13, Season of the Chosen, which has officially started in Destiny 2 this week. In addition to the new Battlegrounds activity, which is a new mode where players must take on massive swarms of foes at the same time, Bungie’s looter-shooter has received a number of other enhancements as well. However, in order to reap the full benefits of the Battlegrounds and the rewards they provide, players will need to pay frequent visits to the HELM.

The HELM is a new hub area that can be found on the Tower in Destiny 2. It is accessible via the HELM portal. Players will need to travel to it through the map, and they will find it in the upper portion of the Tower after they have done so. Some players may be confused about how to get back to the location after seeing it as part of the new Destiny 2 Season 13 story content, despite the fact that it is difficult to miss.

Payton Lott updated this page on June 4, 2021: A large number of gamers have reported difficulties in getting the HELM to appear on the map. Some stated that it simply did not appear, while others reported that they were suffering a glitch that prevented them from accessing the HELM at all. Therefore, we have gone back over the content of this tutorial to make sure that it contains any relevant information that may aid in the clarification of the mechanic. Anyone experiencing difficulties activating the HELM should consider attempting one of the probable solutions listed at the end of this list.

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Accessing The War Table

The HELM in Destiny 2 will be extremely essential in Season 13, and it is possible that it could be important in future seasons as well. Player interaction with the War Table is located here, and it is here that players can earn Battlegrounds bounties, which are typically tasks that can be performed in other Destiny 2 activities as well. Furthermore, they will employ the HELM to decode and decrypt Umbral Engrams, which have the potential to yield some of the highest Season 13 rewards in Destiny 2.

Battlegrounds And The Hammer Of Proving

Players of Destiny 2 will want to equip the Hammer of Proving and load it with a mod to get the most out of it. A charge will then be placed on the hammer when they have successfully completed another Battlegrounds task. When the charge is used, players can use it to decode an Umbral Engram at the HELM, which they can then decrypt to obtain a powerful new piece of armour or a powerful new weapon. The HELM will be the primary motivation for Destiny 2 players to visit it, along with the ability to acquire Battlegrounds bounties, but it also serves a variety of additional purposes.

What To Do If HELM Does Not Appear On The Map

If the first quest in Season of the Chosen is left unfinished, HELM will not appear in the game. The assignment, titled Battleground: Behemoth, is located on Nessus to the left of The Fissure and is accessible via the teleporter. If this is the case, defeating the Cabal and completing the objective will result in the HELM being unlocked for use. Those playing Season of the Chosen for the first time will instantly be dragged into the task as soon as they log on. If it doesn’t work, simply clicking on the quest on Nessus should.

How to fix The HELM Glitch If Locked Out

Following the completion of the Battleground mission, the HELM experiences yet another reoccurring problem. The game will crash instead of transporting players to the HELM, and players will be prevented from clicking on the Tower in order to access the new location. In spite of the fact that this appears to have become less of a concern in recent months, there is a potential workaround.

Some players have reported that they were able to get access to the HELM by creating a new character, finishing the first mission on Europa (Beyond Light), and then restarting their game. Because it will restore one of the guardians’ power levels to the Beyond Light level, this repair is only applicable to guardians who do not have three maxed-out classes.