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Wild Hearts – How to Change Appearance


Wild Hearts allows players to customize their character’s appearance from the start of the game, thanks to a surprisingly rich and sophisticated character creation mechanism. You’ll customize your hunter’s appearance a few minutes into Wild Hearts. However, if you want to change anything about your hunter besides their armour, you’ll need to put in much effort. This article will describe how you can change your appearance in Wild Hearts.

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How to Change Appearance

To change your character’s appearance after creation, you must unlock the Looking Glass Karakuri. To achieve this, go to the map menu and select the Karakuri tab at the top of the screen. To quickly locate the Looking Glass Karakuri, hover over the Hunter’s Tent Karakuri at the top of the upgrade tree and then travel down 17 times.

The Looking Glass Dragon Karakuri is a mirror that the player can interact with to return to the character creation screen and change their appearance. Unlocking this Karakuri in the tree costs 1,500 Kemono Orbs, and you must first earn all of the prerequisite upgrades; there is no jumping ahead. The Looking Glass can be placed exactly like any other Dragon Karakuri, anywhere there is a nearby Dragon Pit with enough extra resources to cover the Looking Glass’s cost.

Wild Hearts - How to Change Appearance

However, because to its high Earth cost, it is normally recommended to locate one somewhere within the town of Minato. Elemental limitations do not apply in Minato, thus you can put as many Karakuri as you like. Once you’ve placed one, you’ll be able to change your character’s appearance for free, whenever you choose!

How to Alter The Player’s Character Appearance

As is common in many games, Wild Hearts’ ‘change appearance’ feature is linked to a specific item, a mirror, with which players interact. It’s called a ‘Looking Glass’, and it’s a Dragon Karakuri that gamers must spend their hard-earned Kemono Orbs to obtain.

Dragon Karakuri, for those who are unaware, typically serve a specific function and are not intended to be utilized in the ‘hot’ of fight. They require no material resources to construct, and the only thing that prevents humans from creating an infinite number of them is the Dragon Pits’ elemental type limitations.

Wild Hearts - How to Change Appearance

The Looking Glass is a Dragon Karakuri that consumes a significant amount of water-type Dragon Pit resources and can only be placed in’safe areas’ (as indicated by the tent icon in the bottom right corner of its own icon), which includes nearly every Camp placement, though almost everyone only builds it in Minato.


How do you change Karakuri in wild heart?

To unlock new Karakuris, navigate to the Karakuri tab in your menu and select the one you desire. However, accessing new Karakuris requires Kemono Orbs (which you can obtain by hunting Giant Kemono).

What is Amaterasu weak to Wild Hearts?

Amaterasu is a Wood attribute Kemono that is particularly vulnerable to Wind attribute attacks on its head. The Poison and Ablaze sicknesses are extremely powerful against this Kemono, however it entirely resists the Entangled ailment. Similarly, Wood, Water, and Earth attribute assaults do not function well against Amaterasu.

What is the hardest Kemono in Wild Hearts?

Lavaback. The Lavaback, perhaps the most difficult Kemono in Wild Hearts’ first chapter, has excellent mobility and powerful attacks that may defeat even the best prepared hunters.

What is the highest damage weapon in wild heart?

The Karakuri staff. As stated at the beginning of this article, nothing compares to the Karakuri Staff. The Staff is Wild Hearts’ most versatile and powerful weapon, with multiple forms to suit any playstyle.

What is the easiest weapon in Wild Hearts?

There is a reason why Wild Hearts starts you off with the Karakuri Katana. It’s a terrific all-rounder that’s easy to pick up and master, with decent damage, range, and reposition ability.