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Wild Hearts – How to Get Ancient Lumber


In the fast-paced action game Wild Hearts, players navigate through fantastical and dreamy environments while fighting enemies and avoiding obstacles. The game has a bright, stylized look and a synth-pop soundtrack. In Wild Hearts, Ancient Lumber is essential for improving your weaponry. In the event that you are still seeking for this information, the following article will describe how to obtain antique lumber in wild hearts:

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How to Get Ancient Lumber

You must go to the Rustling Bamboo Grove in Blossom Trail Hunt (Chapter 1) in order to obtain Ancient Lumber in Wild Hearts. You must also search near any bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, and so on. Look for little light-colored floating wood blocks that you can pick up and put in your inventory for later use. They may also look like clusters of splintered wood.

Ancient Lumber Location

The game will give you an in-game description that reads, “Lumber obtained by felling old trees along the old blossom trail or on the Spirit Isle,” if you have one Ancient Lumber. You can search in two different places to find this material, as you can see. If you need Ancient Lumber as quickly as possible, we advise heading to the Spirit Isle first since we have had better experience there.

Wild Hearts - How to Get Ancient Lumber

What Does Ancient Lumber Look Like?

Every material you come across should be picked up, but in case you were wondering, Ancient Lumber resembles a log with a tint of blue on top. As you gather enough, you’ll be able to improve your armor and weaponry, which will increase your chances of defeating the Kemono. By being aware of the whereabouts of each resource, you can spend more time hunting Kemono and less time exploring the area.

Wild Hearts - How to Get Ancient Lumber

As these materials are frequently used, particularly in the early game, make sure you know where to find other resources like Coral Fragment, Bluestone, and Small Kemono Carapace. It’s crucial to keep in mind that crafting armor requires more than just resources; in order to get higher-level options, you must defeat Kemono and receive body parts as payment.


How do I get to Spirit Isle wild hearts?

Nobumitsu can transport you to the Spirit Isle by speaking with him. But be sure you have everything you need. The next creature you will face is agile and accurate. When you’re certain you’re prepared, select the map tab from the main menu.

Where is the golden tempest in wild hearts?

It is reported that there is a mystery location far to the north called the Golden Sea, where the sand reaches to the horizon in all directions. This is the Aragane, or Golden Tempest, homeland.

What is the Spineglider’s weakness in wild hearts?

The Water attribute Kemono with the lowest resistance to Wood and Fire attacks is the Spineglider. The Spineglider’s body, not its head, is its weakest component, in contrast to other Kemono. Every illness has three stars, the same level of effectiveness as the others.

How do you beat Amaterasu Wild Hearts?

Bring a karakuri capable of negating Amaterasu: In order to unlock the harpoon during this fight, you’re kind of limited to bringing the spring and the stake as part of the narrative. One of the most effective Dragon Karakuri for stopping Amaterasu’s huge maneuvers and taking down the bird is the harpoon.

What is the most difficult weapon in Wild Hearts?

Because it can overheat and has a limited amount of ammunition, the Cannon is the most technically difficult weapon in Wild Hearts. As a result, you must strike a balance between dealing a lot of damage, replenishing ammunition, and taking quick rests to let it cool down. Setting down a Ki Base is necessary to get ammunition back.