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Forspoken – How to Find Feathers and Nuggets


Since Forspoken is an open-world game, there are a lot of objects to find, therefore you’ll need the storage capacity to hold them all. Obtaining all the ingredients necessary to utilize Forspoken’s crafting system fully will require a lot of work. Given that they are needed for several of the early-game improvements, feathers and nuggets are probably the first two uncommon resources that players will need in the game. You can learn how to get feathers in spoken words by reading this article:

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What Are Feathers Used For?

From the beginning of Frey’s voyage in Athia, feathers are valuable manufacturing materials. The obvious and most practical use of the Feathers is to expand the Materials Pouch. This enhancement will let Frey carry more goods on hand and will cost one feather each increase at start, increasing to two after a few boosts. This is helpful since players will gather more goods the longer they spend exploring Athia, and it’s not difficult to max out your capacity for the majority of common commodities.

What Do Feathers and Nuggets Do In Forspoken?

In Forspoken, you can expand the capacity of your two storage pouches with nuggets and feathers, which is a great feature if you’re a bit of an item hoarder. Feathers are what you should seek for if you want to expand the amount of materials you can carry with you when exploring Athia.

Forspoken - How to Find Feathers and Nuggets

They allow you to put more resources into your Materials Pouch. On the other hand, utilize any nuggets you discover to expand the capacity of your Medicine Pouch if you’re finding yourself dying and lacking in healing.

How to Get Feathers and Nuggets

You will have to search far and wide around the globe of Athia in order to find Feathers and Nuggets. Both of these materials are available in a number of places. Completing Detours is the primary and most popular way to find these items. Side content, or detours, can be found all around the landscape, from ruins to locked labyrinths.

Forspoken - How to Find Feathers and Nuggets

In the end, completing the game’s side missions will give you an abundance of Nuggets and Feathers for the upgrading and crafting system, but there are other methods to locate these valuable resources. These Nuggets and Feathers can occasionally be found within the chests that Mutants are guarding, if you feel like taking on big beasts.

Be ready before you confront these planet bosses since they might be really challenging to defeat. These materials can also be obtained from chests located all around the globe, though it is uncommon to find anything besides standard crafting supplies there. You can upgrade your resources and medication pouches with Feathers or Nuggets once you have enough of them.

Enter the crafting menu at any crafting station located throughout the map to accomplish this. You can improve your pouches by selecting the option at the bottom of the list. To upgrade the medication pouch, you’ll require Nuggets, and to improve the materials pouch, you’ll need Feathers. You will need to gather an increasing amount of materials as you upgrade these items.


Can you play Forspoken after you beat it?

After the credits have rolled, players can continue to explore the expansive open world of Forspoken and use their spells and talents to complete any side content they may have missed prior to defeating the game.

Does Forspoken have 2 endings?

There are two possible “endings” to the game, although the bad one is only a 30-second cinematic in which Frey and her cat are seen wandering the streets of New York and inquiring where they should go next. At this point, Frey has the option to confront Susurrus or go back to New York.

Is there a max level in Forspoken?

By exploring Athia, eliminating enemies, and advancing through the main plot, you can level up Frey’s stats until you hit the level cap at 99. We cover the best ways to level up in Forspoken rapidly on this page.

Is the bracelet evil in Forspoken?

The player learns Cuff’s actual nature in this specific phase of the Forspoken story. Cuff exposes himself to be Susurrus, an extremely strong demonic spirit. The Tantas emerged triumphant after a protracted conflict that took place decades prior, pitting Athia against the malevolent and menacing entity known as the Rheddig.

Can you unlock every spell in Forspoken?

Once you have enough Mana, you can use these spells. Leveling up, finishing Flashbacks, unlocking Locked Labyrinths, and approaching luminous Mana Pools throughout Athia are all ways to gain mana.

Will there be romance in Forspoken?

Frey begins to soften a bit, but Forspoken lacks romance. Romance enthusiasts, the answer is no. The game has absolutely no romance. It’s not going to happen, even though you might be shipping Frey with Auden, whom she originally writes off as a peasant girl.