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Windows 11-powered Galaxy Books will soon have access to photo slideshows and blemish editing


This year, Samsung has produced a number of laptops that are truly amazing, which demonstrates that the company is adopting a more serious approach to developing its offers in the laptop market. We should consider ourselves fortunate that even Microsoft is taking Windows 11 seriously and is attempting to improve it by delivering a number of brand-new features and increasing the frequency of software upgrades. This bodes well for the future of this operating system. The company is presently aiming to enhance the Photos app by incorporating additional features, such as the ability to create slideshows and eliminate spots from photos.

Testing has been done by Microsoft on an upgraded version of the Photos app that was created specifically for Windows 11 operating system. It offers a slideshow function, which enables you to view a collection of images and movies with enticing animations, transitions, and looping effects. This function is provided to you by the product. There is an option to include background music, and users have the flexibility to select from a number of various music themes, such as Chill, Fun, Energetic, and Sentimental. The option to incorporate background music is available. The slideshow may be started and stopped at any time, and the user can go back to the previous image at any time. Additionally, the window can be made to take up the entire screen.

Windows 11-powered Galaxy Books will soon have access to photo slideshows and blemish editing

Additionally, the business will be reinstating the much-requested timeline feature that was originally a part of the Photos app. This feature has received a lot of positive feedback from users. Therefore, when you link the app to your image and video collection, it will order all of the photos in chronological order according to when they were taken. You have the option of searching for photographs according to a particular month and year, or you may navigate to a specific section of the timeline to explore recollections from that time period.

Microsoft is also planning to roll out a feature that will enable users to clean up photographs by removing unwanted objects or defects from the picture. This function will be available to users. Despite the fact that it sounds quite a little like the Google Magic Eraser tool, it isn’t quite as effective as that particular tool. It will make an attempt to blur the image and replace the area of the picture that you have picked with other nearby parts of the frame. These brand-new features are presently available to particular users who are participating in the beta testing process, and they will be made accessible to the general public within the next few months.