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Dead Island 2 – How to Get Nail and Caustic-X Bomb


We all know that Dead Island 2’s greatest feature is its many ways to kill zombies, even with its thrilling plot and top-notch gameplay. One of the numerous Curveball items in Dead Island 2 is the Caustic-X Bomb. It can be used to dispatch of a small group of zombies with ease, just like the Pipe Bomb and Shuriken. Furthermore, the Caustic-X Bomb disperses the acidic green slime visible in some places, as its name suggests. You may learn how to obtain Caustic-X Bomb and Nail in Dead Island 2 by reading this article:

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How to Get a Nail Bomb

Before you locate Nail Bomb in Dead Island 2, you have to complete the game’s narrative and gain access to Ocean Avenue. After that, locate Thalia Residences at the location shown in the first image above. If Burger 66 is in front of you, proceed around the building. You’ll probably run into a few zombies along the way, but you’ll get the better of them fast. Proceed to the second story by passing through the glass door once you’re on the southwest side of the structure.

Dead Island 2 - How to Get Nail and Caustic-X Bomb

Proceed along the hallway and turn right into the first white door. Once inside the apartment, proceed to the right nightstand to retrieve the Nail Bomb. When this curveball bursts, it launches nails in all directions, as “Nail Bomb” implies. This Curveball deals the Bleeding state effect and causes all foes in its path to lose health rapidly. We also advise against being around when the nail bomb explodes due to its unusually wide damage radius.

Use this bomb against many foes to maximize its destructive power. Simply toss a nail bomb at the horde of zombies and take in the spectacle. Stronger foes will become easy pickings, while weak enemies will perish quickly. Conversely, opponents immune to the Bleeding effect—like Spiky Walkers—will sustain very little damage. Against these foes, the nail bomb is ineffective, but this is more of an exception than the rule. You also won’t have to worry about anything because you will always have something useful in your arsenal to combat zombies.

How to Get the Caustic-X Bomb

The Rav-Ages of Caustic-X side quest in Dead Island 2 leads to the Caustic-X Bomb. After completing the ninth major objective of Michael Anders and the Holy Grail, you will receive this side task. As you exit Monarch Studios, a call will come over a radio next to the workbench. When Hana answers, she will tell you to go to the Hamperin Hotel to find Rav.

But you’ll be headed toward completing the Justifiable Zombicide quest as soon as you exit Monarch Studios. Regretfully, you must take a brief detour to reach the Halperin Hotel. But the processes are quite straightforward once you’re there. Locate Rav on the balcony above you by going to the hotel’s ballroom.

Dead Island 2 - How to Get Nail and Caustic-X Bomb

Once you locate an ambulance in the surrounding parking lot, he will assign you the duty of obtaining the Caustic-X Shipment Receipt. Rav will then invite you to visit the hotel’s pool to check whether Caustic-X is truly effective. Here’s where you can launch zombies into the Caustic-X pool with your dropkick. When you return to Rav after completing this enough times, he will offer you the Caustic-X Bomb from Dead Island 2.


How do you use the bomb in Dead Island 2?

One Curveball that appears in Dead Island 2 is called the Pipe Bomb. It is located in the Beverly Hills Dead Zone, which is the area between Monarch Studios and Beverly Hills, in an open case. It will explode a few seconds after being tossed, after bouncing a few feet.

What is the caustic-X in Dead Island 2?

In Dead Island 2, a Curveball called the Caustic-X Bomb appears. After finishing the side mission The Rav-Ages of Caustic-X at the Halperin Hotel, it is given to you. When hurled, it will explode upon impact, causing all zombies in the blast radius to become Caustic and Melting.

Where are the caustic walkers in Dead Island 2?

One of the zombies in Dead Island 2 is called the Caustic-X Walker. These are Walker variations that may be found all throughout Los Angeles, but Santa Monica is where they are most frequently encountered.

What is the first legendary weapon in Dead Island 2?

To locate Emma’s Wrath, which is probably the first legendary weapon you’ll find, complete the 15-hour main storyline of Dead Island 2 in order to find it.

Who is the best character in Dead Island 2?

Jacob is the game’s face and can be seen on the cover of Dead Island 2. If you are just embarking on your journey and want to have every survival item you could possibly need, he is the greatest. Jacob possesses the greatest maximum health in the game, so you won’t have to worry about taking multiple zombie strikes to take you down.