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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Get 5-Star Gear


Like previous Soulslike games, Wo Long assigns you the mission of locating progressively better equipment to help you in your boss-killing endeavors. Numerous armour sets are available, in addition to an extensive range of weapons, accessories, and consumables that will overload your supply. Even though you can advance fast in the early game with whatever gear you have, you’ll find that better power equipment will let you escape difficult circumstances more easily. You can learn how to obtain five-star gear in the long-lost dynasty by reading this article:

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How to Get 5-Star Gear

The majority of the equipment you’ll find during the campaign has a rating of two or occasionally three stars. You may occasionally come across something exceptional, denoted by four stars and yellow lettering. Five-star equipment is much rarer and has green writing displayed on it. You must first win the game to obtain 5-star gear. It doesn’t appear to fall before then.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Get 5-Star Gear

You can choose the “Rising Dragon” difficulty when going back to stages you’ve already completed (at initially, only part of them are available) after you kill the final boss and the credits start to roll. When you defeat foes, especially the stronger ones, glowing dots will be left on the ground, indicating that you have found superior gear. By placing equipment with Luck enhancement in situ, you can increase the amount of loot that all foes drop.

The simplest way to do this is with weaponry, which you may customize utilizing the embedding process to your liking. Simply go to the blacksmith and remove the gems you don’t like on your current weapons, then have luck-enhancing jewels put in their stead. Gloves and helmets can also have Luck added to them. The Entertainer set’s armour has an unremovable Luck bonus.

And even if you don’t use your bows very often, be sure to equip them with Luck. The gain from luck is still applicable. You can increase your passive item drop rate by equipping the Master Smith Hammer in your secondary melee slot and upgrading your gear.  You can also play with the Yinglong Divine Beast when you reach a higher difficulty level. Just equip it at any combat flag by selecting the “Battle Preparation” option. It raises the drop rate of your equipment to A, just like the Master Smith Hammer does.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Get 5-Star Gear

Accessories are an exception. Even if you must depend on adversaries to drop a lot of gear, you might want to acquire at five stars. Start giving the panda Shitieshou monsters 10 Jewel Fragments at a time when you’ve mastered the game. They consistently produce items with a 5-star rating, even when playing on the easiest difficulty setting. Examine the statistics of the loot you take from them. Not just the dice, but some of it could even raise your Luck score.

Use High Luck Equipment

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Get 5-Star Gear

The majority of your tools and equipment will provide you with benefits. To increase the likelihood that foes will drop 5-star equipment, you must get and use equipment with strong luck stats.


Is Woo Long a good game?

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has several novel features, like a morale system, leaping attacks, and new approaches to magic and character customization, but it falls short of other Nioh games due to its clumsy stage designs and clunky narration.

Who is the first boss in Woo Long?

The lone boss battle in the Village of Calamity level and the first boss fight in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is Zhang Liang, General of Man.

Who is the final boss in wo long fallen dynasty?

The last boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is called The Blindfolded Boy. This fight is nothing spectacular; it’s just another normal fight.

What is the best weapon for the first boss in wo long?

One very powerful approach to defeat Wo Long’s first boss, Zhang Liang, is with the Polearm Podao. This is because it occasionally has the ability to breach his defenses in order to do a little additional harm. Its broad, sweeping strikes are also successful in taking out opposing groups.

What is the best early game gear in Wo Long?

A basic piece of gear that might survive the whole of a playthrough, the White Wooden Cudgel is acknowledged as the most versatile weapon for players who are just beginning to tackle Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Every time the player lands a melee attack, this weapon has an inherent ability to recover more Spirit.