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Atlas Fallen – How to Obtain Essence Stones


An important part of Atlas Fallen’s battle system are the Essence Stones. They offer special talents and capabilities, both active and passive. Furthermore, Atlas Fallen has a skill tree system that lets you customize your character’s skills to fit your preferred style of play. Atlas Fallen is an impressive game with its engaging battle system and stunning graphics. You can learn how to get Essence Stones in Atlas Fall by reading this article:

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What are Essence Stones in Atlas Fallen?

In Atlas Fallen, essence stones are magical implements that grant their wielders a range of skills, allowing them to customize battle tactics to suit their preferences. These Stones significantly impact several gameplay aspects in Atlas Fallen, including Damage, Tricks, Momentum, Survivability, and Healing.

Atlas Fallen - How to Obtain Essence Stones

They can be obtained via the game’s Fusion system, completing missions, buying them from the Traveling Vendor, battling wraiths, or finding them in world chests. Combat becomes a strategic playground when Essence Stones are used, as the Momentum mechanism affects the player’s strengths and weaknesses. Essence Stones are, therefore, essential in characterizing and altering a player’s fighting experience.

How to Obtain Essence Stones

You can obtain Esse­nce Stones in the game in several ways. Defeating opponents is one way; enemies with greater difficulty are more likely to drop them. You can earn Essence Stones by finishing tasks. These valuable things can also be bought from merchants, and loot boxes also have a possibility of holding them.

Atlas Fallen - How to Obtain Essence Stones

How to Use Essence Stones

Esse­nce Stones must first be gathered in order to be used. You can find these valuable items by finishing quests, defeating foes, and opening chests. After you have an Essence Stone, you can equip it to your Gauntlet by going to the Gauntlet menu and choosing the proper stone slot.

Atlas Fallen - How to Obtain Essence Stones

Esse­nce Stones can be equipped in either of two slots: passive or active. The symbol for an active essence stone is a diamond, whereas the symbol for a passive essence stone is square. An active Essence Stone requires Momentum to be spread. Conversely, passive Essence Stones never require extra requirements and are always active.

Active Essence Stones

Combat skills provided by Active Essence Stones include Fury, Regeneration, Shield, Time Slow, and Minefield. These stones slow down time, absorb damage, boost damage output, heal over time, and create a minefield that injures adversaries that step on it. These stones have multiple uses and offer a momentary tactical edge.


Is Atlas Fallen difficult?

The game Atlas Fallen might be challenging, particularly when you’re just getting started. Story mode in Unnamed doesn’t nullify any of it; it only acts as a buffer.

How many essence stones are there in Atlas fallen?

You are bestowed with an abundance of additional powers and effects by the 151 Essence Stones that are scattered throughout the Atlas universe.

What is the best essence stone build in Atlas fallen?

While survivability and healing are excellent, giving up support will allow you to end battles much more quickly. The best Essence Stones to utilize, based on our experience playing Atlas Fallen, appeared to be Unstable Generation, Ruthless Generation, Dazzling Impact, Piercing Parry, Generating Parry, and Ruthless Slayer.

Do wraiths Respawn in Atlas fallen?

Elite Wraiths are uncommon and only show up once throughout the course of your travels. Since Elite Wraiths are non-respawnable once defeated, every encounter with one is distinct and significant.

How many weapons are in Atlas Fallen?

Since there are three primary weapon kinds in Atlas Fallen, the player’s ability to wield up to two of them at once is greatly influenced by the upgrades that may be obtained to enhance or bestow new powers upon each type of weapon. Every weapon will have two ascensions and a set of special battle maneuvers.