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Redfall – How to Unlock Safehouses


When Redfall presents a completely new map and cast of people halfway through the story, a lot of players could be taken off guard. A haven to escape is what we all need most on a vampire-infested island. A sanctuary where you can heal from your wounds and feel certain that a cult will not come knocking on your door. Safehouses are ideal for this purpose and the town is full of them. You can learn how to open safehouses in Redfall by reading this article:

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How to Unlock Safehouses

Redfall may be overrun with bloodsuckers and cultists, but there are a few areas where you can find some relief. These are residences that already have UV supply and lights installed. However, clearing a few hurdles to get into most of these safehouses would be best. This is how Redfall’s safehouses can be unlocked.

Redfall - How to Unlock Safehouses

All of Redfall’s quick travel locations and safehouses are shown in the graphic above (represented by the house icons). Unlock all of these before finishing Two Birds, One Stone, which is a fun fact. The Shadetree Heights Safehouse, located south of the initial helicopter crash site, is probably the first safehouse you will encounter. If you’ve arrived, you’ve probably noticed that it’s not as simple as going up to a door and settling in.

Our safehouse, the cellar, has a locked door. And this clearly illustrates what Redfall anticipates you doing if you come across a Safehouse. After removing the vampires and cultists, proceed to the neighboring garage by following the thick yellow cords from the UV lamps. To let additional cultists know about the situation, use a rewire kit to open the door.

Redfall - How to Unlock Safehouses

There is a bright yellow generator in the garage that you will discover once you have sent the cultists to Hades. Engage with this generator to enable the UV lights to turn on and open the safehouse. To enter the remaining four safehouses located across Redfall, you’ll need to solve their unique challenges.

But don’t worry—every puzzle solution is close by. In one, you’ll need to complete some platforming, while in another, you’ll need to acquire a nearby key that will activate a car alarm. You will, however, have a fast travel point that you can use for the remainder of the game after solving those problems.

Finding all Burial Point Safehouses

The Burial Point map has three extra Safehouses than the original map, for a total of eight. Here’s where to find all eight of the Safehouses because players must locate six of them at minimum to battle Bloody Tom and Miss Whisper:

The white house icons on the map designate the locations of the safehouses. As you can see, they are widely dispersed, with one in every area of the map. Fortunately, gamers can quickly navigate the area and make their way around it thanks to the numerous historical markers surrounding the Safehouses.

Redfall - How to Unlock Safehouses

You will need to start the generator in order to power the safehouse after you locate it. The procedure you used on the first map is the same here. You can accept the Safehouse’s mission, stock up on ammunition and medical supplies, and make plans for your next move in Redfall once you’re inside.


How do you liberate a neighborhood in Redfall?

To take control of an area, players need to finish all the tasks associated with a secure dwelling. To view the objective, approach a safe house’s huge Redfall map. The neighborhood area of the map, where the safehouse is situated, is where safehouse missions are always conducted.

How do you turn on power Safehouses in Redfall?

To find your generator, simply follow the yellow cord from any adjacent off-street UV lighting. It’s time to connect the house to the internet after you’ve found the generator, which might or might not cause some issues of its own. Turn on the generator again by twisting the key.

How many safehouses are in Redfall Commons?

There is one safehouse in each of the five neighborhoods that make up the initial area, Redfall Commons. A few of these are in the same places as vampire nests. Since the Vampire Nest will be enhancing the opponents in the zone, it is advisable to eliminate it first if this occurs.

Can you be a vampire in Redfall?

Although there isn’t a vs mode in Redfall where you can play as the vampires or their minions, you can still play as the vampire hunters. There are just two options: solo or cooperative (which supports up to four people).

What is the blood trance in Redfall?

In the Blood Trance, vampires are dormant but can be roused by physical attack or contact with their tendrils, which bind them to their nest. Fire: During this run, some of the paths will be on fire, which will restrict your progress. The Red “Death” Mist covers the Mist-Areas in the Nest.

Who is the final boss in Redfall?

Subsequently, Black Sun will call forth The Totality, compelling you to engage in combat while releasing her captives. After The Totality is killed, collect his vampire bones and continue battling until Redfall is freed and Black Sun is vanquished.