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WoW Classic – Best Ways to Get Bags


If you’re struggling to find bags in WoW Classic, then here’s a few methods that can help.

WoW Classic bags are an incredibly useful kind of item to have when you are out adventuring. There are a number of ways in which you can acquire them too, ranging from questing to spending WoW Classic gold and even crafting. In this article, we will be discussing the different methods you can use to get your hands on bags in WoW Classic.


If you want to craft your own bags, then you will need to be a part of either the Tailor or Leatherworker profession. As a Tailor, you will have options to make bags with materials, and make bags for others in order to obtain skill points. The Auction House is also a great place to look for Tailor bag drops as well. With the right materials, there is the choice of making bags with six slots, eight slots, and so on adding two slots each time until you reach 18 slots. You can also make a bag with the Leatherworking skill as well. There is only one that you can make, however, which is the 6-slot Kodo Hide Bag. To make this, you would need to get your hands on three Thin Kodo Leather, Four Light Leather, and a Coarse Thread.


There are also certain quests that will give you the opportunity to grab yourself a bag. Starting with 4-slot bags, you can pick up Old Blanchy’s Feed Pouch from Poor Old Blanchy if you are an Alliance player. If you are for the Horde, then you can go for the bag in Carry Your Weight, which offers a Handmade Leather Bag.

As for the 6-slot bags. Alliance players can get the Wizbang’s Gunnysack from Buzzbox 525, whilst Horde players can go to Razrofen Kraul to get the Jewellery Box from Blueleaf Tubers. Getting 8-slot bags meanwhile will require you to complete Captain Snader’s Hidden Treasure to get Captain Sander’s Booty Bag.

If you want a 10-slot bag, then there are actually a few quests here for you to choose from. Firstly, you can get the Gunnysack of the Night Watch from The Night Watch if you’re an Alliance player, as well as the Ooze-covered Bag from Digging Through the Ooze. There’s the Deviate Hide Pack which is available to both Horde and Alliance too, which comes from Deviate Hides in Wailing Caverns.

There’s a couple of 14-slot bags as well. You can get the Explorer’s Knapsack from Coretello’s Riddle, and the Thawpelt Sack from Platinum Discs. A 16-slot bag is available from You Are Rakh’likh, Demon, and an 18-slot bag from Superior Armaments of Battle quests.

Purchasing Bags

Don’t forget, you can also purchase bags with your WoW Classic gold. Let’s face it, even if you are going to come across the quests that we have mentioned, or if you are interested in the professions that make the bags, you still want to have the option that is just a straightforward purchase. Thankfully, this is a choice that is available to you in WoW Classic. What’s more, they don’t really cost you all that much for you to purchase, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank with your WoW Classic gold.

Some may argue that these are pricey, but in all honesty, having a heads-up about how much bags cost will be a great help. Plus, when you consider just how important the bags can be, it is definitely worth your investment.

For 5 Silver, you can get a 6-slot bag known as the Small Brown Pouch from General Goods. You can also potentially get this pouch as a random drop if you’re lucky. From the same vendor, you can also get the Brown Leather Satchel, which is an 8-slot bag that you can purchase for 25 Silver. If you want to get a 10-slot bag from General Goods, then the Heavy Brown Bag is available for 2 WoW Classic Gold. If you go to Bag Vendors then you can get yourself a Huge Brown Sack which is a bag with 12 slots in it for 10 gold.

Why Bags are Important

This may be something that goes without saying to some, but there are justifications sometimes needed as to why you should get bags. After all, you are still having to use resources up to get your bags, and even the in-game currency in some cases.

That being said, there isn’t anything worse than your adventure being interrupted by the Inventory Full warning flashing up in the corner of your screen. This can be especially troublesome if you come across WoW Classic items you actually want and have an inventory full of junk. So, make sure that you invest your time and resources into WoW Classic bags to help you progress through the game the way that you want to.

Have you got one of these bags? Let us know in the comments section below!

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