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Wow TBC Best Prot Warrior Race


In this guide we will guide you through wow TBC best prot warrior race. With the help of a powerful race and profession you can improve the performance of your Protection Warrior Tank.

Horde Races

You can get a kick start into this race if the peer you are playing with has good health. If you are playing your game as a Tauren then you have got more chances of winning the game. The Endurance trait will allow you to add an overall 5 percent power to your health. The race also gives the players a chance to choose between a wide range of features. One of the most powerful features that will make you successful in this race is the War stomp. This is one of the most popular choice because it offers a lot of ability to stun the mobs for a few seconds. This will allow you to make your move and progress in the game.

If you are looking for a race that is more effective for your PVP then you must try the undead. This race will allow you to get back your lost health. If you are near death and are unable to retrieve your health, then the undead race will get you back on your feet. Winning this race will give you the immunity to improve your health. The sleep and fear will also go away if you win this race. The Forsaken feature will also be a bonus for you if you win the race.

If you are looking to step up your game, then you can choose Troll. You can utilize the beast slaying feature and can inflict more damage on the beasts. By using the berserking feature you can also improve the power and speed of your attacks on the beasts. If you don’t win the race, then this could end up doubling your injury. You can consider regenerating in this race as this will provide you with additional health all through the battle.

It might not be a wise move to choose the Orc race as it will be a waste of time and money. The race offers the players with some powerful abilities but you will also miss out on the healing power by using the blood fury feature which you will need for tanking.

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Alliance Races

If you want to try the alliance race, then choosing the human race is the best choice for you. You can use the maze and sword specialization in this race. You will also realize that there are a lot of uses for this race when you are tanking. By using diplomacy, you will be able to improve your reputation. This is undoubtedly one of the best races in the alliance race.

There is also an alternative to the human race. Gnome is a great race then will help you to get out of difficult situations. The escape artist feature helps you to get out of places where you get stuck. This race could reduce the level of speed. You could also end up being immobile so be cautious while choosing this race. The use of Engineering Specialization will add more power to your Engineering skill which is a great bonus.

Another great choice that could lead you to success is the Night Elf. This will give you an increased dodge of 1% Quickness. You can also find an easy way to fight the beasts and beat the challenges. If you want to go for an easy way out, then Night Elf also allows the players to pick the Shadowmeld which aids them in using the shadows to avoid the mobs.

Best Professions to Use

There are a lot of different factors that you need to consider when choosing the best-suited professional for yourself. It might not be an easy choice to find out which profession is most beneficial for you. When you are working with the TBC power leveling you might not be able to discover which profession will benefit you. You also get the chance to pick the TBC gold and get returns in your currency. The players also have the option to buy the WoW TBC gold that is normally offered in the game.

One profession that could benefit you the most is Engineering. If you have been looking for the best tanking professions, then you must have noticed that most players choose the profession of engineering. This professional gives you the power to build the Gobline Rocket and the Goggles.

The major reason why Engineering has become so popular among tank players is that it gives you the ability to build Field Repair Bot 110G. Owning this would be a difference-maker, and it would help if you are struggling with certain raids.

If you want to grab the WoW TBC Classic gold, then you can also consider the Enchanting profession. The Enchant Ring offers some additional stats and will provide the players with better health. You can play as either Tauren or Human. If you want to choose a specific build for yourself then you can always buy the WoW TBC accounts.