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Xcom 2 Cheats Console Commands


xcom 2

The following is a rundown of all Xcom 2 Cheats reassure orders from the most recent adaptation of the game. These XCOM 2 cheat codes work with the support for all PC/Mac forms of the game including the Steam and non-Steam variants. Orders from all authority DLCs (like War of the Chosen) are likewise included.

Skyrim Console Commands came out recently to wide praise, but on the other hand it’s by and large viewed as significantly trickier than the past title in the arrangement. Fortunately, and very much like in the first current reboot of Xcom 2 Cheats, there’s a large group of support orders and cheat codes that you can utilize in the event that you’ve hit an absolute block divider in your advancement.

Here is a tried rundown for Xcom 2 Cheats. I discovered a portion of these orders myself as well as other people have been assembled from everywhere the net. I additionally made an online apparatus to class change and buff your Soldiers, to encourage the cycle.

To utilize any of these xcom 2 console commands not working, you’ll above all else need to change the dispatch alternatives for the game. To do this, go to your Steam Library, find the game, at that point right-click on Xcom 2 Cheats and select Properties. From here, search for the little catch checked “Set Launch Options”. Snap it, at that point reorder the accompanying in:

How to Access the Console in XCOM 2

Before you can really open the order support, you’ll need to empower it in any case. In the event that you have a non-Steam form of Xcom 2 Cheats, you’ll need to right snap your essential xcom2.exe, go to the Properties tab, and glue “– allowconsole” (Without quotes) into the objective field box.

For Steam variants, right snap on XCOM 2 in your games library, open the overall properties tab , and afterward glue “– allowconsole” (again without quotes) in the set dispatch alternatives box. Ensure you’re stacking into a game first or your orders won’t really do anything.

Something else to remember is the unique circumstance. Utilizing orders to construct things on the Avenger clearly won’t work in case you’re utilizing the order while in a battle. It’s simply little presence of mind stuff that you’ll need to know about.

Here is a tried rundown for Xcom 2 Cheats reassure orders. I discovered a portion of these orders myself as well as other people have been assembled from everywhere the net. I likewise made an online device to class change and buff your Soldiers, to encourage the cycle.

Console Commands List for XCOM 2

Xcom 2 Cheats Console Commands

Cheat Commands

Before any of these orders will work, you Xcom 2 Cheats should empower swindles utilizing the support. To do this, simply open the comfort and enter “enablecheats” (without the quotes). From that point onward, you’re good to go to “test things out” – cause you’re not really cheating, correct?

However, on the off chance that you would like to veer into cheat order an area, here are the support orders for empowering some god-like modes.

Resource Commands

In the event that it’s assets that you need, there’s an order for any asset, any character, and any sum. We won’t list each and every variety here, however the significance of these orders is as per the following:

There are undeniably more orders for assets, including cadavers and genuine assets, for example, Alien Alloys. Supplies are additionally viewed as a standard stock and can be conceded utilizing this order.

Armor Commands

Know that a few coverings will require relating research to work appropriately. Fortunately, there’s a support order that will in a split second award you the exploration you need to utilize any protection. “GiveTech x” is the examination order, where X represents whichever tech you need quickly investigated.

Remember that you won’t get voice overs or cut scenes including research in the event that you do this. Besides, there are reports of the primary mission getting irritated on the off chance that you power research on specific necessities (like compelling the Advent official’s dissection).

Item Commands

In the event that it’s things that Xcom 2 Cheats you need, here are the reassure orders you can use to concede yourself quite a few them:

Any thing usable by XCOM Soldiers can be utilized as a variable for this order. Basically type “AddItem X #”, where X is the variable for the thing you wish to be given, and # is the measure of that thing.

Weapon Commands

Obviously, any comfort directed armed force will be inadequate without a bounty of high-octane weapons to impact their way through adversaries. Here are the support codes for all the weapons mods you could require:

You’ll simply have to add an additional boundary to your reassure order. For instance:

  • CritUpgrade_bsc # For Basic Laser Sights.
  • CritUpgrade_adv # For Advanced Laser Sights
  • CritUpgrade_sup # For Superior Laser Sights

How To Enable And Use The Xcom 2 Console

In the beneath list of Xcom 2 Cheats, a few commands are set apart with Avenger and Mission labels. These commands will probably possibly work when you are in a mission or in the Avenger (separate to the label they are given). On the off chance that you utilize a Mission order when in the Avenger, the game may not perceive the order (and the other way around).

Addtionally, a few commands are from DLCs, and will possibly work in the event that you have the necessary DLC introduced. For instance, the BondSoliders order is labeled with War of the Chosen – it will possibly work in the event that you have WOTC introduced.

Resources and Item console commands

Xcom 2 Cheats Console Commands

There are many cheat codes you can enter to give yourself extra things for totally zero exertion, yet the framework can be somewhat temperamental. On the off chance that that is the situation, have a go at supplanting GiveResource with AddItem all things considered. This Xcom 2 Cheats should constrain in any event one of the things into your stock.


GiveResource BluescreenRounds #

Give Resource IncendiaryRounds #

GiveResource TalonRounds #

Give Resource TracerRounds #

GiveResource VenomRounds #

Give Resource APRounds #


GiveResource HeavyPlatedArmor #

Give Resource LightPoweredArmor #

GiveResource LightPlatedArmor #

Give Resource LightPoweredArmor #


Give Resource CorpseAdventOfficer #

GiveResource CorpseAdventShieldbearer #

Give Resource CorpseAdventStunLancer #

GiveResource CorpseAdventTrooper #

Give Resource CorpseArchon #

GiveResource CorpseBerserker #

Give Resource CorpseFaceless #

GiveResource CorpseSectoid #

Give Resource CorpseViper #


Give Resource AcidGrenade #

GiveResource AlienGrenade #

Give Resource FragGrenade #

GiveResource FlashbangGrenade #

Give Resource FragGrenade #

GiveResource GasGrenade #

Give Resource SmokeGrenade #

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