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MSI & ASRock Unveil Z790 Motherboards With Wi-Fi 7 & 5 GbE Networking Solutions


MSI and ASRock have both introduced fresh new Z790 motherboards, both of which support next-generation networking technologies such as Wi-Fi 7 and 5 GbE LAN. MSI’s most recent Z790 MAX series is the first motherboards from the board provider to have support for Wi-Fi 7 and 5 GbE LAN connectivity. This announcement was made in conjunction with the launch of the series. The business will demonstrate a total of four different motherboards, each based on the new MAX architecture, including the most advanced model of the bunch, the MEG Z790 ACE MAX.

The specifics of additional features and specifications that have been upgraded are yet unclear, but all things considered, they are the best Z790 designs that you can have when you purchase an MSI product. ASRock, in addition to MSI, has introduced a trio of motherboards that are compatible with Wi-Fi 7 and 5 GbE LAN connectivity. The company offers three Phantom Gaming products in addition to its new flagship, which is called NOVA. This product includes a fully covered PCB, 20+1+1 Phase power delivery, and an unbelievable amount of connectivity options.

ASRock will also be releasing a new Taichi Lite series, which will be available in Z790 and B650E variants. This series will reduce the number of unnecessary features, such as RGB effects and overly built heatsinks, in order to save money. We simply cannot contain our excitement to find out how much these brand-new series will cost and when they will be made available for purchase. The following images of future motherboards from MSI can be seen below, courtesy to Benchlife’s successful attempt to obtain sneak previews of the products:

Z790 Motherboards From MSI & ASRock Feature Wi-Fi 7 & 5 GbE Networking Solutions

In addition to that, there will be other enhanced varieties, as well as certain products that are more affordable. It is also anticipated that the AMD B650 and A620 product lines would grow to include more options at lower price points. At Computex 2023, we can anticipate seeing a variety of these new designs introduced by motherboard vendors. We will take advantage of the fact that we are already in Taipei to provide you with an in-depth look at these goods as they are displayed on the show floor.