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Zoho Expense reviews and pricing


If you want to better management of your business expense and travel then you should leave traditional time-taking ways like spreadsheets and papers and start using advanced tech-based solutions like Zoho Expenses.

If you want to know about Zoho Expense then you are at the right place. Here, you will get true Zoho Expense reviews and Pricing if you are looking for the best travel and expense management solution for your company.

Zoho Expense Review

Zoho Expense is an advanced tech-based solution for travel and expense management. It offers both travel and expense management in a single place so, you do not need to use different software and solution for both major management.

Travel and expense management is too much crucial for companies, especially for those who want to grow further and want to generate more revenue. Travel and expense management can be time taking and challenging for companies that is why many companies start to use automated software like Zoho Expense for this purpose.

Zoho Expense is one of the most known and widely used T&E software. It is known for its best functionality and friendly user interface. It makes T&E management simple and quick for companies. It let them capture expense, record, track, report, and approve expense easily and make the expense reimbursement process rapid.

Additionally, it promises to give complete control to the companies over their spending, and travel expenditures and increase the overall efficiency of the travel and expense management system.

Features of Zoho Expense 

Following are some of the major features of Zoho Expense:

  • Receipt capturing and management 

This software provides an Autoscan feature that allows users too easily and automatically capture receipts, turn receipts from hard version to soft version or capture the information on receipts and then enable them to import them. It tracks all the expense and ensures to save a digital record of expenses

  • Tracking and maintaining expense 

Zoho Expense provides a complete automated system for tracking, maintaining, and controlling expenses. It lets companies track mileage during traveling and add them to their expense management system using multiple devices like Android, iPhones, and Apple watches.

  • Corporate card management 

It let the organization easily manage their corporate card by connecting them with the Zoho Expense management system. It makes corporate card reconciliation faster and more accurate. This feature enables companies to automatically compare expenses and can categorize expenses and data in different forms.

  • Direct Feed Integration 

Zoho Expense gives this feature to make sure that all the corporate card feeds of users can be picked directly by the source. The payment process is directly streamlined and managed by this feature. It eliminates the involvement of third-party apps and reduces the risk of errors.

  • Quick expense reporting 

Zoho Expense automates the entire expense management process and enables employees to make expense reports with a single click. It automates expense report creation and submission. It allows users to add expenses automatically, apply for cash advances, and submit and download expense reports.

  • Flexible approval workflow 

Zoho Expense provides multiple approval workflows like custom, multi-stage, and non-linear approval. It ensures that everything is recorded and managed properly. It reduces manual processes and the risk of errors.

  • Ensure policy compliance 

Zoho Expense offers multiple features to ensure policy compliance during reimbursement processes. It automatically enforces the company’s traveling and expense policy on reimbursement claims. It detects and reduces policy violations, duplicate reimbursement claims, and fraud.

  • Control over budget

Zoho Expense gives accurate insights by which you can forecast things and set your budget. It gives you complete control over the expense of your company and helps them to do everything within budget.

Zoho Expense Pricing

Zoho expense is available in four versions that are given below:

  1. Free Plan
  • Allows more than 3 users
  • 5GB storage for receipts
  • Support multiple currencies
  • Give project and client tracking
  • Integrate accounting
  1. Standard Plan
  • Charge 99 Euro/ month per active user
  • All features of the free plan included
  • 20 receipts auto-scan per user
  • Corporate card reconciliation
  • Manage cash advances
  • Multi-level approval workflow
  • Basic audit trial report
  1. Premium Plan
  • Charge 199 Euro per active user every month
  • All features in standard plan
  • 3 minimum users and unlimited maximum users
  • Autoscan for receipts
  • Purchase Request
  • Advance approval workflow
  • Advance customization
  1. Enterprise plan
  • Charge 299 Euros per active user per month and billed annually
  • Included all the things in premium plans
  • Integrate travel management companies
  • Integrate ERP
  • Single sign-in
  • Account manager
  • Advance audit trial report