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iMind Reviews: the Best Solution for Employees to Stay Connected While Working Remotely


In recent years, especially during a pandemic, holding virtual events with video conferencing tool for companies is gaining more and more popularity in the U.S.A and around the world. However, for many hosts, webinars are completely uncharted territory. Although you don’t have to worry about logistics, in this case, you still have to spend some time planning a conference meeting. A good venue for online events is another key factor that affects the success of a webinar.

Why Do People in the U.S. Choose iMind?

An online event platform is software that brings people together for communication over the internet. Typically, the platform includes video conferencing capability as well as tools such as chat for business, reactions, screen sharing, volume, recording, and noise suppression.

By the way, the video conferencing platform does not provide for downloading and installing the program to join a call. You can hold an event from anywhere in the world and from any device without losing functionality. That is why people in the USA choose it to talk and chat in the meeting room.

What Options Are Offered by iMind?

When choosing a platform for webinars, special attention should be paid to the following aspects:

  • ease of use and easy access;
  • functionality and user experience;
  • support;
  • ability to record video;
  • safety;
  • branding;

Both organizers and a participant in the United States need a clear system with a user-friendly interface to save time. After all, the last thing you want is for listeners to have technical problems. All these options are available for an iMind participant. So, you know what to choose.

What Are the Main Pros of iMind Conferencing Platform?

Advantages of the iMind service: