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4 Places You Simply Have To Check Out When In Ontario


Canada is a remarkable country and a great place to visit. Ontario, one of the most populated and popular provinces therein, is also the second-largest in the Great North – Quebec is the largest.

Ontario is home to several world-famous attractions which bring no end of visitors on a yearly basis, from breathtaking skyscrapers and views to natural and scenic offerings.

The providence is especially attractive to bettors. In most of North America, you can’t play legal online casino games but, head for Toronto and the virtual world of Ontario online casino apps opens up.

If you plan on visiting the province, you’re definitely not going to run out of things to do. Below are a few of the places you simply have to check out.

1. The Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is one of the most popular venues in Ontario and, as far as museums go, it’s the biggest. Located in central Toronto, it’s been around since 1914 and boasts an amazing collection of over 13 billion pieces, including art, cultural objects, and natural history artifacts from all over the world.

The ROM is also home to a number of famous exhibits such as the Samuel Hall Curelly Gallery and the Thorsell Spirit House, both of which are considered among the top architectural works in the history of same.

The museum is one of the main research institutions and national landmarks in Canada. It’s one of the places you have to book a tour of if in Ontario and keen on an educational experience.

2. The CN Tower

The CN Tower in Ontario would have been the tallest structure in the world had it not been for the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The tower is located in the heart of Toronto and can be seen from pretty much anywhere in the city, so it serves as a landmark and point of reference. At 553 meters (1,815 feet), the CN Tower is a staple for thrill seekers in Ontario and offers some interactive packages including the EdgeWalk, SkyPod, and LookOut level. All of the aforementioned present fantastic views of the city.

The LookOut level has floor-to-ceiling windows, doors, and floors and, as long as you don’t have a fear of heights, you should have quite an exciting time. The SkyPod, 33 stories higher, offers a view that is even more stunning, especially at night.

Looking to do more than just take in the sights? Then check out the EdgeWalk. This is a guided tour that hands visitors the opportunity to walk around the structure’s exterior while harnessed to a rail. A guide takes them through a tour spanning an hour and a half, with 30 minutes spent moving along the circumference of the building.

If you’re one who’s after a few thrills here and there when on holiday, then it would be remiss of you not to check out the CN Tower whenever you’re in Ontario. It’s literally the only guarantee you’ll have of seeing the entire city in a single day. That’s a pretty unique deal, right?

3. Ottawa’s Hot Sports

As for sporting activities, Ottawa hosts them all year round and is replete with facilities to entertain on a provincial, national, or international scale. You should be able to catch a bit of whatever you’re into and, if you’re a hockey fan, then you would know that the capital is home to the NHL’s Ottawa Senators.

Ottawa has gained a reputation for being one of the best hosts of sporting events over the last decade and, in 2017, was named the Sport Tourism Destination of the Year by the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance.

4. Wonderland

Ontario is also becoming popular for one of its amusement parks, Wonderland. The location has earned fame for its variety of rides and attractions for all ages and is a perfect place to take your family. Some of the more popular rides are the Lumberjack, Leviathan, and Behemoth, with the Yukon Striker having sprung up in recent times.

There are also several other rides available while a waterpark called Splash Works has several water sports, plus slides, wave pools, water playgrounds, lazy river floats, and a pool for kids called the Lakeside Lagoon. The park is 20 acres and is also a spot where live shows and other events take place.