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5 Daily Use Gadgets to Make your Game Day Experience Awesome


We are going to tell you about some interesting gadgets which will surely make your game day experience better. Whether it is Super Bowl day, UEFA Champions League night or any other sports, you won’t regret having these items near you.

Stress Ball

If your team is down and you are filled up with rage; don’t break the TV screen, rather buy a stress ball and squeeze it as long as you want. This simple action will save you thousands of dollars by saving your TV.

Eco-friendly Cups

Try to use Eco-friendly cups instead of plastic ones. A shocking survey has revealed that more than 90 percent of all plastic has never been recycled. What’s done is done and cannot be changed but we can amend the actions by not performing them in future. Buy Eco-friendly cups. You can take them anywhere with you and they will give your table a party look.

TV bias lighting LED

Never watch the TV in a dark room. It will be harmful for your eyes as well as your brain. Although if you do not want your tube light to stay on during the movie night, you can simply buy LED light strips. Attaching them on the back of your TV screen will produce a small luminescence behind the LED screen and will do your eyes a lot of good.

BakerStone pizza box

For people who do not watch the entire game or girls who like to cook, this is the perfect thing to keep you busy during the half time or in case you need a short break. If you like to spend your extra time in the kitchen, buy a BakerStone pizza box.  Although you do want to have other items prepared prior to the match day. Keep your dough, cheese and toppings ready and you can make yummy pizza at home in no time. BakerStone pizza box is made up of stainless steel and can reach  high temperature very quickly. You can have your pizza ready in less than 5 minutes. Feeling water in your mouth yet…

Coolest Cooler

Viewers who do not want to leave their seats during the entire game must have this “cool” gadget beside their sitting couch. It comes with attached wheels so you can share drinks with your buddies and pals by pushing it easily while sitting on your couch. Coolest cooler comes with a built-in USB port from which you can charge your cell phone. Cool right!

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