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Top 5 matches in WWE 2k19 to play solo or with your friends


WWE 2k19 offers more than 75 match types to play in. You can play 1v1 normal match or you can compete in intense matches like “Hell in a Cell” and “Elimination Chamber”. Good thing about this game is that you can play every match with either male or female wrestler, there is no gender-based restrictions. Women characters can be selected for exotic matches like Elimination Chamber, TLC, even Last Man Standing. With so many choices at your disposal, it can be difficult for players to select one.

Hell in a Cell: Diehard WWE fans will get our top pick. The infamous “Hell in a Cell” was first introduced at WWE Bad Blood in 1997. It is considered to be one of bloodiest match type in World Wrestling Entertainment. In WWE 2k19, there a lot of ways to perform “OMG” actions in a “Hell in a Cell” match. You can powerbomb your opponent in the cell walls and break the cell boundary. Fighting on top of the cell is especially dangerous considering the fact, you can throw your opponent from the top or you can slam him/her on the center pieces and break the cage from the top.

Elimination Chamber: This match provides the most brutal experience for wrestlers inside the chamber. Two wrestlers start the match with 4 wrestlers locked in pods. Locked wrestlers are released randomly after a fixed time span. Chamber walls can be used as a deadly weapon. You can also spear your opponent in the pods. An Elimination Chamber has never seen a match end without blood spill.

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