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5 Mobile Web Games to Train Your Brain


If you ask someone the purpose of a game, you are likely to hear people saying that to entertain, enjoy, and have some fun. Well, they are not wrong. Most of us are likely to give the same answer because we have developed this perception in our minds. But do you know that games can also be a great source to build cognitive abilities and develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities? Yes, games can do all this, but it depends on which games you play.

Obviously, you can’t expect to build cognitive abilities by playing Barbie games. So, you must consider which games are the best for developing your brain’s abilities. Don’t worry; we are going to help you. Here are five web games that can train your brain and widen its horizon of thinking logically:

1. Solitaire

This list is incomplete without mentioning solitaire. Hands down, it is one of the best brain games that can give your mind a serious jerk as you have to make strategic moves besides trying your luck. Solitaire is an old game, almost five centuries old. But the credit goes to Microsoft for revitalizing the game by introducing it in Windows 3.0. Since then, it has been one of the most played brain games on the mobile web.

It has various variations with different card arrangements and gameplay. However, in most cases, the goal is to fill the foundation pile in a certain way. So, either you play Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Pyramid, TriPeaks, or any other variation, you will surely get a good pinch of brain training.

 2. Im-a-Puzzle

Im-a-puzzle is heaven for puzzle lovers because you can find thousands of online jigsaw puzzles, quench your puzzle-playing thirst, and train your brain to solve complex problems and find easy solutions. The jigsaw puzzle is a game that includes creating a complete image by joining different pieces. 

From landscapes, animals, bridges, gardens, and houses to cartoon characters, name anything, and you will find a puzzle for it. The best thing is its puzzle maker feature can help you create a puzzle of a picture of your choice. So, if you are a jigsaw puzzle lover, this game is not going to disappoint you.

  3.Words with Friends

Words with Friends is similar to scrabble. You make different words present in a dictionary or lexicon. It is a multiplayer game, and each player make a word in a crossword puzzle style. It is best for people of all ages because it helps improve vocabulary and critical thinking skills. As it is a multiplayer game, you can use Smart Match notifications to call random people, push notifications to alert friends, or use social media. It is a really engaging and interesting game.

However, if you feel stuck somewhere, you can take an example of a word unscrambling tool that tells all the possible words you can make. This tool is best for people with weak vocabulary because it takes help from tournament-level dictionaries to suggest words.


Wordle is the latest word game, created in 2021 by a Welsh engineer, but the New York Times took over the game. They daily release a new version of this game, which becomes a trending topic. It is a 5-word game that gives six chances to win this game. If your guessed word is the same, it will turn green. However, your whole word will be considered wrong if one alphabet is wrong. So, you would have to be a very sharp thinker with a good vocabulary. This skill will save you.

5. Waffle Game

Waffle Game is another amazing brainy word game that gives a good fun time to the players. The goal is to fill out waffles in a maximum of 15 moves. You have to rearrange the words in the correct order, vertically or horizontally. You can drag the letters on the border in any way to make a word. If the word is right, it will turn green; otherwise, it will turn yellow. So, this game is not at all easy. I can’t guarantee if it will give the sweetness of waffles or not but winning it will definitely be sweet.


Word games were before considered more like games for children. But with technology, many good word games have captured the market. So, people of all ages are now playing and exploring new versions of word games. These games have improved features and graphics and have super intellectual gameplay, making them more addictive. If you haven’t tried them, you should. It is a great experience, worth giving it a try.