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5 Must Have Laptop Accessories


Laptop Accessories

In this technology-driven world around us, we are surrounded by different smart gadgets. Computers are possibly one of the most incredible gadgets out of the others. And now, the features of the computer are easily accessible to us in the form of a laptop. The versatility of laptops has made them immensely popular among everyone.

Even though we have smartphones and tablets around us, laptops are still one of the most loved gadgets of everyone. It is true that many programs that can easily work on a laptop can also be done on smartphones but is it the same as working on a 16-17 inch display screen? Certainly not. Much powerful software that can easily operate in laptops will not do the same in smartphones.

We use our laptops for almost everything, from working to studying, surfing the web, watching movies, playing games, the list can keep going on. But what’s the fun if you don’t use your laptop to its full potential. And for that, you need to accessorize it. Laptop accessories are very important for our gadgets. From increasing its productivity to protecting it from possible damage, laptop accessories do it all. You can say there’s an accessory for every need of your laptop.

Many websites like JW Computers provide some of the best laptop accessories for your laptop and PCs. There’s a wide range of products to choose from at great prices. However, which laptop accessories are the best? Keep reading, and you’ll know it yourself.

USB-C Hub (6 Ports):

If your laptop does not have enough ports, then this USB-C Hub is very beneficial for you. It usually has 3 ports for file sharing and syncing. There are 2 SD card slots for storing data and 1 HDMI port for high definition(4K) video output. The setup of this USB is very simple as it connects directly you’re your laptop. This USB is designed to keep overheat protection in mind, which ensures that your laptop works safely. It is helpful for those who need to use the laptop on the go and have to connect various devices to the laptop.

Gel Cleaner:

The good thing about gel cleaners is that they can mold into any shape and, in that condition, attract dirt, dust, and crumbs from any possible space. Hence, it is a good choice for cleaning your laptop keyboard with gel cleaners. It is reusable and completely safe for electronics.

Cooling Pad:

Many times after being used for long hours, you can feel your laptop heating up. Overheating is very harmful to your gadget. It can hamper your laptop’s performance and cause it to shut down abruptly. This mainly happens when the laptop doesn’t get the right ventilation. In that case, cooling pads will come to your laptop’s rescue. Cooling pads come with built-in fans that enhance your laptop’s interiors’ cooling and lower its temperature to a normal one.

Laptop Stand with Adjustable Angles:

Many people spend hours working on laptops, and sitting in the same position for such a long time can be very painful for your back. In this situation, you will need a portable laptop stand to hold your laptop at the most comfortable angle for you. Nowadays, a laptop stand with 6 adjustable angles is very popular. It contains soft pads that keep your laptop in place very safely. It is super simple to handle and folds up pretty easily after its work is done.

Laptop Desk:

In this pandemic era, when many people have been working from home, using a laptop from bed or couch is quite normal. But comfort doesn’t come without any price. You can experience back pain or neck pain after using a laptop in this position for a long. Here, having a laptop desk with hugely benefit you. A laptop desk has a comfortable padded surface for your laptop, with space for a mouse and other devices as well. You can adjust its height according to your liking.


Laptop accessories boost your laptop’s productivity and performance a lot while also protecting it in many ways. There are many laptop accessories available in the market for almost every requirement of your laptop. So, make sure to choose the right accessory for the right purpose.