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5 tricks on how to evade a fake psychic


Online psychic services have many scams. They arise from suspicious websites having unknown owners. Psychics who lack intuitive skills also run these scams. You can encounter these scams on mobile and web platforms. It’s time-consuming and overwhelming to search for genuine online psychics. Despite this, the process is worth the course. There are genuine websites like which you can depend on. Avoid giving scammers your personal information and reduce receiving harmful and useless reads. The following are good to follow;

Use only reputable mobile apps and websites.

You are safe if you use a psychic service platform that has the following features:

  • Powered by a known organization or company
  • Has accessible and honest customer service crew
  • Uses high technology
  • The platform is acceptable as per the country’s laws.

Stay away from strange company sites that don’t have authentic customer service

Assess the website itself. Does it offer blanket psychic advice about anybody? Are there filters on the types of reads offered? For example, career, family, and love, etc. Check the methods they use. Are they cartomancy, astrology, spirit connection, or rune casting? Check the website’s rankings, psychic bios, and reviews. A more detailed and organized website means it’s a reliable platform to use.

Learn to spot the fake psychics

When you log into a psychic website, check the crucial details provided. Is the information detailed? Are they enthusiastic? Check if they have accurate profile pictures. A genuine psychic will never use tarot or an avatar as a profile picture.

Check the language used in presenting themselves. Exaggeration on a psychics’ profile is a red alert. Link only with psychics who seem friendly and down to earth.

Check the intuitive method used

A psychic advisor should be genuine and transparent about the methods used. Such information should be available on the profile. Genuine psychics will not shy from sharing how they get their insights and predictions. Psychics get their information from different psychic modalities.

Assess the ratings and reviews with keenness

A reputable psychic website will have unedited reviews and ratings. It displays both positive and negative ones for everyone to see. Please go through the reviews to know what people say on information quality. Words like amazing, incredible, and marvelous are ideal indicators of an excellent psychic. They should appear in unedited reviews by clients.

Be attentive to how they speak to you

Talk to the psychic as an anonymous person. He shouldn’t see you, hear your voice or tell anything about you. It becomes hard for them to make assumptions basing on your talk or appearance. They have to depend on psychic intuition and methods to help you.

A genuine psychic will provide you with chat transcripts. You can go back to them later to see the conversation and see their realness. Fraudulent psychics rarely adopt the chat option. They fear the absolute anonymity it gives to clients. Chats also save the transcripts.

If you manage to meet a psychic, don’t wear plain clothes as they can give cues of your socio-economic status. Don’t be too talkative.


Bookmark the page of the best psychic you find for future reference. Don’t forget to use the above cues to enjoy your reading.