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A Space for the Unbound Walkthrough


Set in rural Indonesia in the 1990s, A Space for the Unbound transports readers there. You take on the role of Atma, a high school student in this adorable pixel universe. Supernatural talents and feline companionship are just the tip of the iceberg. The indie Indonesian game has a slice-of-life feel at first, but hints at deeper themes of despair, anxiety, and self-discovery as the story progresses. Learn the ins and outs of A Space for the Unbound by reading this article!

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Talk To Everyone

The first piece of advice that we have for you is to engage in conversation with everyone. When we say “every person that you pass by,” we mean that rather literally. There are occasions when these individuals can offer you with an item that can be used later on, in addition to providing you with important morsels of information. Along these same lines, if you ever find yourself unable to proceed in the game, it’s a good idea to go back and chat to people you met along the previous road you followed.

A Space for the Unbound Walkthrough

You never know who might have the answer to your problem. Conversations with non-player characters in the background can help develop the environment around you. Having conversations with non-playable characters (NPCs) can breathe new life into a game and make it feel more complete, preventing the sensation of being the only genuine person in the town.

Naming And Petting Cats

It’s not really a “tip,” but it’s essential that you be aware that you may give cats names! It’s possible that Atma will remark that he’s never seen that particular cat before when you approach it to pet it for the first time. This will prompt you to name the cat, and you will have the option to choose between three pre-selected names. You may have noticed up above that we have given the name “Soap” to the stray cat that lives behind the school.

A Space for the Unbound Walkthrough

The names that can be chosen are sometimes ridiculous, but overall they are a fun addition to the game. You will repeat the cat’s name when you pet it the next time you see it and when you pass by it again. This is a wonderful opportunity to inject some of your own personality into the story.

Exploration is the Key

As an adventure game, you’ll want to look around and interact with whatever you find in A Space for the Unbound. You should not only chat to everyone, but also engage with everything that has a question mark next to it.

A Space for the Unbound Walkthrough

There are times when these lead to success. In the first chapter, for instance, you can get a simple reward just by turning on a television. In general, be open to new experiences. If you see an interaction bubble as you travel by a location, but nothing appears, engage with it nevertheless. These might be bottle caps that you can put in your red book to admire.

Reading Tales is very Enjoyable

Your red book may contain several tales, which are condensed versions of longer stories. These stories can be gained without having to first read them, which makes it simple to forget about them; nevertheless, once you have them, it is strongly recommended that you do read them. They are located in the final tab of your book, which is denoted by the violet tab with a star on it.

A Space for the Unbound Walkthrough

You will begin the game with merely the story of the South Star Princess, but as the game proceeds, you will be able to gather further information. The writing in these stories is excellent, and you should definitely check them out.

Take Your Time

Last but not least, keep in mind that A Space For The Unbound is a tale that is being told through a game, and if you speed through it, you will find that you are left with a sense of unfulfillment at the conclusion of it. It is essential to take your time with this game and play it at your own pace, savoring each and every minute of it, just as you would with a television show or an anime.

A Space for the Unbound Walkthrough


Is A Space for the Unbound worth it?

Despite some of the game’s tedium and my dislike of how the true ending is so inextricably linked to the collectibles, I had a great time with A Space for the Unbound and think that the ending you get without even completing the game is just as satisfying.

How many chapters are in a space for the unbound?

There are six major story arcs and a prologue set before the main game proper begins. There are now seven possible parts to finish. The first chapter of A Space for the Unbound was made available online for free.

Is A Space for the Unbound a visual novel?

This is an adventure/visual novel title developed by Mojiken and released by Toge Productions where dark emotion meets the supernatural. You can finally get your hands on A Space for the Unbound for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Is Atma dead a space for the unbound?

Raya and Atma were friends when they were both young and Atma had run away from home to pursue a career in literature. Atma, who could not swim, drowned while trying to save Nirmala one day, indicating that the entire game had taken place in Raya’s head.