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One Piece Odyssey – How to Get Cube Fragments


The main plot point of One Piece Odyssey is the team’s exploration of the Memoria worlds while they attempt to restore their abilities. This comes after their skills are taken, merged into a cube, and then distributed throughout Waford and Memoria’s special regions. Consequently, these Cube Fragments are expected to be found across the levels that players explore. You will learn how to obtain cube fragments in one piece odyssey from this article:

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How to Get Cube Fragments

Knowing what you’re looking for regarding One Piece Odyssey Cube Fragments is vital. In contrast to other objects strewn all over the place, Cube Fragments will float slightly above a surface and emit a glowing green light. Additionally, they will take the form of little cubes rather than the golden glow that indicates other goods you might pick up. For your reference, below is a screenshot of these pieces.

One Piece Odyssey - How to Get Cube Fragments

You can either approach them and use the Circle Button to gather them or aim at them and use Luffy’s gum gum limbs to grab them by pressing L2 and R2 simultaneously. When you accomplish this, they will be placed in your inventory, where each fragment will be broken up and attributed to a certain character once it has been picked up.

How to Equip Cube Fragments

Cube Fragments in One Piece Odyssey require character equipping before they can be used. The Skill Up menu is where you may achieve this. This menu shows the total number of fragments acquired, the different party member abilities, and the TP expenses. There will be slots for the fragments in each ability.

Each skill can only be equipped with groups of three fragments, so make sure you have enough to invest where you want to. Among the advantages are increased debuff and buff efficacy against enemies. They also work with field abilities outside of battle. Assigning the fragments to Sanji’s Cooking, for instance, can enable the usage of new recipes.

One Piece Odyssey - How to Get Cube Fragments

As you advance through the main plot of the game, you will also be able to gain additional Cube Fragment spaces. Gaining new skills will frequently occur before you have an opportunity to increase the number of slots available to you, therefore strengthening yourself will happen gradually.


What are Yaya cubes used for in One Piece Odyssey?

Players can trade their accumulated Yaya Cubes for a variety of in-game clothing. Players will level up in One Piece Odyssey by earning a Collector Achievement in the shape of a Bronze Trophy when they have collected all 99 Yaya Cubes.

Where is the yellow cube in one piece?

Once at Nanohana, proceed quickly to Alubarna. When you enter the city and exit via the southern exit, you’ll notice the yellow cube right away, but it appears more orange or red than yellow. We’ll be engaged in a boss battle with none other than Smoker as you examine this cube!

Who is the bad guy in One Piece Odyssey?

Adio is One Piece Odyssey’s adversary. He has a villainous appearance. He tricked Lim into allowing the Straw Hats to take control of the island and defeat its guardians by stealing their powers. As he moves to awaken Waford’s godlike sentient weapon, the Divine Breath, this becomes more and more clear in the second half of the game.

Who is the final boss in One Piece Odyssey?

Adio, who makes an appearance quite late in the main campaign, will put players’ proficiency with the Straw Hat pirates’ movesets and skill sets to the test. Here’s a thorough walkthrough for taking down Adio, his two Thunder Storms, and The Divine Breath, the last fight in One Piece Odyssey.

Is there Haki in One Piece Odyssey?

In the game, players can utilize many kinds of Haki to locate hidden objects and other things, but Luffy’s usage of Conqueror’s Haki in combat is quite lethal. It just destroys opponents that are far weaker than Luffy due to the incredible amount of damage it deals.