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Enshrouded – How to Get Dirt


In the mysterious world of Enshrouded, where darkness and intrigue reign supreme, even the most mundane of items can hold hidden significance. Dirt, seemingly insignificant on its own, plays a crucial role in the game’s lore and mechanics. In this detailed guide, we’ll delve into the depths of Enshrouded to uncover the secrets of obtaining dirt, exploring the various methods, strategies, and implications of this seemingly simple task.

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The Significance of Dirt: Understanding its Importance

  • Symbolism: In Enshrouded, dirt symbolizes the raw essence of the earth, the foundation upon which all life and creation rest. It symbolises humility, mortality, and the cyclical nature of existence.
  • Alchemy and Rituals: Dirt is a key component in the game’s alchemical processes and mystical rituals. Its properties make it a valuable resource for crafting potions, conducting experiments, and channelling arcane energies.
  • Quests and Objectives: Throughout the game, players may encounter quests, missions, or objectives that require them to obtain dirt for various purposes. These quests may range from simple gathering tasks to complex rituals or ceremonies that unlock hidden secrets or rewards.

How to Get Dirt

Using a pickaxe to excavate the ground will yield dirt. With a single pickaxe, you may essentially harvest any kind of basic material in other survival games, but in Enshrouded, this tool’s function is restricted to digging!

Enshrouded - How to Get Dirt

Go ahead and gather some Stones and Twigs, make a String, and then create your own pickaxe if you haven’t already. You can create the basic pickaxe from your own craft menu, but a workbench is required for the more complex versions.

Now, your inventory will be significantly increased with the first dirt hit you make with your pickaxe. Remember that you will only receive Dirt on your first hit. If you want to gain more, just dig somewhere else instead of striking the same spot on the ground.

Enshrouded - How to Get Dirt

You can create charcoal by combining dirt and wood logs within a charcoal kiln you have constructed if you have already called upon the Blacksmith. There are other applications for the Dirt later on in the game.


Is dirt a finite resource in Enshrouded, or can it be replenished?

Dirt may be a finite resource in certain areas or environments within Enshrouded, but it can also be replenished over time through natural processes such as erosion, sedimentation, or the decomposition of organic matter.

Can dirt be contaminated or imbued with magical properties in Enshrouded?

Yes, dirt in Enshrouded may be contaminated by pollutants, toxins, or magical energies, depending on its source and the surrounding environment. Contaminated dirt may have adverse effects if used in alchemy or rituals without proper purification.

Are there different types or qualities of dirt in Enshrouded?

Yes, Enshrouded features a variety of dirt types and qualities, each with its own unique properties, characteristics, and applications. Players may encounter common dirt, fertile soil, enchanted earth, or cursed soil, each with its own distinct properties and uses.

Can players cultivate or harvest dirt in Enshrouded?

While players may not be able to cultivate dirt in the traditional sense, they may be able to influence its properties or characteristics through magical means, rituals, or alchemical processes. Experimentation and exploration are key to unlocking the full potential of dirt in Enshrouded.

What happens if a player loses or runs out of dirt in Enshrouded?

If a player loses or runs out of dirt in Enshrouded, they may need to seek out alternative sources or methods for obtaining it, such as completing quests, trading with NPCs, or exploring new areas. In some cases, players may also be able to replenish their dirt supply through natural processes or magical means.