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Age Of Wonders 4 – Affinity Explained and How to Get Them


Affinities are similar to your society’s or faction’s skills, which you will select based on the path you wish to take for your group. At the beginning of their adventure, players can select the affinity of their Empire or City. The affinity you wish to spend points on will depend on the tomes you choose because each tome awards two points for a particular affinity type. In this article, you will learn what affinity is in Age of Wonders 4 and how to obtain it.

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All Affinities Explained

There are thirteen distinct skills in each affinity, and you can spend points on each by obtaining the necessary tomes. Your society will shift more and more toward that affinity lifestyle the more points you spend on that particular affinity. Nature tomes are the best option to create a peaceful, healing community; on the other hand, shadow tomes are best if you want to create a darker necromancer culture.

Age Of Wonders 4 - Affinity Explained and How to Get Them

Remember that obtaining the points will only allow you to use the skill. Nevertheless, you will still need to purchase the talent to arm yourself with Imperium, the game’s primary form of cash.

The following are all of the Affinities in Age of Wonders 4.

  • Astral Affinity: Astral Affinity is concentrated on learning as much as it is on supplying magical forces to take over the city. Using the Astral-equipped Tomes, you can acquire several excellent skills useful to you in battle.
  • Chaos Affinity: Battles are the main focus of Chaos Affinity. You must get some points in Chaos Affinity if you wish to improve your chances or gain more loot by winning fights. Among the greatest affinities for the mid-game is this one.
  • Shadow Affinity:  Necromancy and knowledge acquisition are the main goals of Shadow Affinity, and they are crucial in the Age of Wonders 4. This affinity can be used with the Chaos affinity to increase your chances of successfully taking the city.
  • Materium Affinity: Materium affinity is concentrated on obtaining more Draft to expedite the deployment of troops. You can equip many of the talents in this affinity to increase your gold and other resources. The Materium Affinity may interest you if you’re searching for a respectable, powerful society.
  • Order Affinity: Order Affinity aims to establish connections with other cities. The Order Affinity Tree contains a variety of talents that can be used to open doors to various relationships and Whispering Stones that will benefit your society in the long run.
  • Nature Affinity: The goal of Nature Affinity is to increase the amount of food that is produced on their farms and to improve the soldiers’ health. This affinity possesses some extremely potent skills that will support your troops and your populace’s stability during the battle.

Now that you have a brief overview of each affinity’s ability set, you must pick up new tomes whenever you can. You can use it to test each of your faction’s various playstyles. To facilitate life for your civilization or faction, you can equip yourself with the most practical abilities in each affinities. You can create a powerful army by combining various affinities.

How to Get Affinity Points

Once you have chosen one, you must continue working up its branch to maximize your affinity type. You can only advance to some extent by using affinity points. We’ll look at how to acquire affinity points in Age of Wonders 4 here. You must allocate your points among the 13 available abilities for each affinity branch you choose in order to run your city effectively.

Age Of Wonders 4 - Affinity Explained and How to Get Them

You may obtain affinity points in several methods, and all it takes to start earning them is to play the game. You will receive your initial affinity points as soon as you create your character and choose your Tome. You will receive two affinity points for choosing your tome in the affinity skill tree to which Tome belongs. Later on in the game, you can earn more Affinity Points by unlocking new spells and obtaining more Tomes.

Even the affinity points that you have allocated to your Empire can be obtained from your Ruler. Every five-level upgrade earns you one affinity point, and you may even get specific affinity points from secondary heroes that are found in cities. Once you obtain the necessary points, you can use Imperium, the in-game currency, to purchase the skill in the Affinity skill tree.


What is the tome of subjugation in Age of Wonders 4?

The Tome of Subjugation, which draws inspiration from the Chaos Tomes of Magic, is all about intimidation and conquest and instantly activates the Terrifying Aura Hero Skill. One of the most potent Shock troops in Age of Wonders 4, the Tyrant Knight can provide severe charge damage that affects both HP and Morale.

How many tomes are there in Age of Wonders 4?

Choosing which tomes and affinities to invest in is an aspect of building a faction in Age of Wonders 4, a distinct high fantasy take on traditional 4X games. There are a total of 54 distinct tomes introduced in the game, divided among 6 affinities.

How do you increase affinity in Age of Wonders 4?

Select books that give you more of the desired affinity. Affinity levels relate to your primary hero’s level 5/10/15/20. Heroes with +3 Affinity on Recruiting are present.

How do you win the magic victory in Age of Wonders 4?

The most defensive victory condition is the Magic Victory. You don’t have to venture out into the world to conquer other Empires and gather additional Vassals. You must construct three affinity-specific province improvements—a Seed, a Root, and a Heart—in order to win this battle.

What is the tome of chaos channeling in Age of Wonders 4?

The Tome of Chaos Channeling is an excellent late-game option to follow the Tome of the Horde since it concentrates on large groups of low Tier units. The Hero Skill Chaotic Rebuke is immediately granted upon unlocking the Tome.