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Final Fantasy XVI – How to Get the Ignition Ability


The plot of Final Fantasy 16 centers on Clive Rosfield’s efforts to improve Valisthea for Bearers—citizens who possess magical abilities from birth. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with what he’s attempting to do, and because most people won’t even listen to him, Clive is frequently compelled to use violence. A handful of the most fantastic non-Limit Break Eikonic skills in the game, including Ignition, stand out for their versatility and unadulterated, pure damage. You may learn how to obtain ignite abilities in Final Fantasy 16 by reading this article:

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How to Get the Ignition Ability

After beginning The Meaning of Life and finishing the main quest Buried Memories, the Ignition ability becomes available. A prompt stating that Clive has unlocked Limit Breaks and two Ifrit abilities—the Will-o’-the-Wykes and Ignition—will display at the start of the mission.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Get the Ignition Ability

Next, using the Abilities tab in the pause menu, Ignition can be bought for 120 Ability Points, and through the Gears and Eikons tab, it can be assigned to Clive’s Eikon loadout. Players can always Reset the ability to eliminate Ignition and get their Ability Points back if they’re not happy with it after trying it out.

What Does The Ignition Ability Do?

The Ignition ability enables Clive to charge into an enemy and continuously deal sword damage to them. Should the target of this assault be sufficiently little, Clive’s blade will pull them along until the attack is finished. Along with moving Clive about and aiming him at foes, users can also use Ignition to attack and pull numerous enemies when he collides with them.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Get the Ignition Ability

Ignition’s inability to drag large foes is really its main drawback, although it can still be utilized to quickly deplete the Stagger Meters of these particular enemies, which is quite helpful in Final Fantasy 16’s more difficult confrontations.

How to Use Ignition

Once you arrive at the objective, you will have to use 120 Ability Points to unlock the ability and 525 to enhance it. However, it will require another 1000 Ability Points to master for those who so choose. As with all other Eikonic gifts in the game, you can attach Ignition to any loadout of your choosing once you’ve mastered it. Once Ignition is unlocked, all you have to do to utilize it in combat is equip it using your Gear Tab, then hit R2 + the set button when it appears.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Get the Ignition Ability

When to Use Ignition in Final Fantasy XVI?

The greatest time to use Ignition is when Clive is up against a lot of foes since it lets him roll right by them, do tons of damage, and combine them together for more hits. The ability can also be quite effective when battling bosses, as it can be utilized to deal tremendous damage to opponents who are already stunned and fast build stagger.

That being said, we recommend that you only utilize this ability in the aforementioned conditions due to its lengthy duration and Clive’s inability to stop it midway. This will help you avoid being vulnerable to boss retribution or damage from distant adversaries.


How do you unlock Ifrit in FF16?

Initially appearing in the “Flight of the Fledgling” main story quest, Ifrit is Clive’s Eikon. Nevertheless, the “The Meaning of Life” objective, which is far later in the game, is when players will truly be able to use all of Ifrit’s powers.

How do you use the Lightning Rod in FF16?

I like to use Ignition immediately after casting Lightning Rod directly on top of the enemy who is staggered. Ignition’s multiple hits on the opponent and the rod deal a ton of damage and quickly increase the stagger multiplier. My staggered damage improved by 40–50% after I discovered this combo.

How do you use abilities in FF16?

Press R2 to bring up the menu and browse to the Abilities tab to view your Ability Tree. You will then be able to observe one or more Ability Circles. As you gather them throughout the game, you can learn Abilities from various Eikons that are represented on each Ability Circle. You can employ an Ability in battle when you’ve learned it.

What’s the point of mastering abilities in FF16?

Once an Ability is mastered, it can be combined with any other Eikon to make it stronger. Completing an Ability requires one of two outcomes. When it comes to the fundamental fighting skills found in the Ifrits Circle and Eikonic Feats, mastery maximizes the power of the move.

What does mastering Phoenix shift do in FF16?

The ability itself will be enhanced, but you cannot use them on any Eikon. You can travel farther if you can master Phoenix Shift, for instance. Each additional ability that does not occupy an Eikon’s ability slot will also receive a special enhancement.