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Age Of Wonders 4 – How to Start Underground


You may have noticed that some players, despite having a lower level than you, could gain entry to the Underworld quickly. In Age of Wonders 4, this is also the case. In the deserted passages, players can construct their own cities and discover free cities concealed in the shadows. However, every empire can access Underground and unlock it with enough time and effort. You can learn how to begin underground in Age of Wonders 4 by reading this article:

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How to Start Underground

In Age of Wonders 4, your race must have the Mind Trait Underground Adaptation to begin underground. As a special bonus, the power allows you to create and begin your Underworld investigation. For comprehensive instructions on creating a faction and gaining entry to the subterranean. Proceed with the next steps.

  • Your race can excavate to construct Underground if they have Underground Adaptation.
  • However, if they lack such quality, next launch a fresh game.
  • Make a Realm Next. There are multiple options for where to go. Choose your favorite, as each offers Underground.
  • Set Realm Traits now. Geographical traits like the Barren Ocean, Islands, Lava Divide, and others come first.
  • Second, we choose Clime Trait, which includes possibilities such as Endless Fields, Forming Realm, and Frozen Realm.
  • The Inhabitant Trait is the Third Realm Setup. Magic Origins, Immortal Spirits, Demonic Realm, Dragon Territories, and Rampant Flora are available here.
  • Finally, players choose a Presence Trait from lists that include Demon Prince and Pretender Kings.
  • After that, click Next to open the AOW4 Create Faction window.
  • In Ages of Wonders 4, this is a critical stage for the beginning of Underground. Therefore, proceed with caution. You can customize this section or select from the collection.
  • When you choose Faction, Physical Form is displayed. Body traits and mind traits are at the bottom.
  • You can choose the body type that best fits you. Nonetheless, Underground Adaptation must be the Mind Trait.

Age Of Wonders 4 - How to Start Underground

  • To create an empire, choose Culture, Society Traits, and other options that are shown.
  • Lastly, dig and unlock the Excavate Skill from the Empire Skill Tree to explore the Underworld.

How to Dig Underground

Upon initially accessing the underground map, players will be presented with a variety of province types. Some are filled with solid rock, some are filled with dirt, some include underground rivers or magma flows, and some begin pre-cleared. Some factions will need to find an entry on the surface, although those with Underground Adaptation frequently begin on this map.

The type of province that players can excavate is the last one. There is nothing that players can do to destroy bedrock provinces because they are too difficult to dig up. Luckily, gamers are spared from having to. Players can access a different underground entrance if anything is buried in a corner of the underground map and bedrock is blocking their path.

Age Of Wonders 4 - How to Start Underground

When choosing an army, once underground, players will notice an icon of a shovel next to the unit images. To check which provinces units are capable of excavating, click this icon. Place a unit next to a dirt province, click the shovel, and then click on the pin that appears over the province to begin actually excavating. The province will become open air on the following turn, and the unit will lose all movement.

Not only heroes, but all units are capable of excavation. This implies that while the hero constructs an outpost near the entrance, players can transport an army underground, divide up all of its soldiers, and have each normal unit excavate. This can be dangerous, though, since an excavation may occasionally unearth a hostile creature that will assault players’ units. To keep an army’s units safe, try not to split it up too much.


How do you win Age of Wonders 4?

The most obvious strategy to win the game is to eliminate the opponents through military victory. Conquest is the only way to prevail; you must vanquish every other empire, artificial or human. You must ensure that an Empire’s Ruler is in the Void and that its Throne City is subdued in order to defeat it.

Does Age of Wonders 4 have a story mode?

Players can go further into the narrative and gain a better grasp of the Age of Wonders Universe with the main game’s five Story Realms in the Rise of the Godir storyline, which launches at launch.

How many story realms are there in Age of Wonders 4?

We are dealing with five “Story Realms.” They don’t tell a single-character storyline in a continuous fashion, even though you can unlock them by finishing them in numbered sequence. Unless you carry over your character from the previous task.

How do you stop magic victory in Age of Wonders 4?

When making a game, you can disable the turn limit and different victory types in the advanced options. Simply select Advanced setting.

What is the tome of the god emperor in Age of Wonders 4?

The ultimate Order Affinity Tome is all about strong support spells, and he grants you access to the Conjure Dome of Protection Hero Skill and the Heart of Order Special Province Improvement, which is the last part of Age of Wonders 4’s Magic Victory.